Security advisor: Cyber attacks in the legal sector


Information Security Officer of a global law firm looks at the effect of cyber attacks on the legal sector
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Security teams are dealing with more vulnerabilities than they can handle. Spreading these limited resources too thin can quickly lead to inefficiency and burnout. Don't waste precious time remediating vulnerabilities that pose little to no risk. With risk-based vulnerability management, you'll know exactly which vulnerabilities


"Understanding Software Vulnerabilities"


"This webinar is for business leaders who wish to understand vulnerabilities on commercial software and how they can impact organizations: Software vulnerabilities remain one of the most common attack vectors for security incidents and data breaches, either as the entry point for hackers or as the enabler of privileges escalation inside networks. This webinar demystifies software vulnerabilities, shows how they relate to the wider ecosystem and demonstrates how this knowledge can be used to define strategies and improve security. Key takeaways: -What is a software vulnerability -How a software vulnerability becomes a threat -A glimpse of how threats multiply -How closing vulnerabilities impacts risk reduction "

Security and the Changing Value of our Data

Juniper Networks

We’ve spent years just seeing data as ‘there’; whether it’s a spreadsheet, email or information on a website/social media – data just exists. However, with recent, and massive, growth in stored data its value throughout its lifetime has now changed. Because of this changing value, data must be secured and protected – kept away from people who might pose a threat to its integrity and value.

"Cloud DLP: Revealing Shadow IT and Shadow Data"


"In this cloud DLP webcast, “Cloud Security Alliance and Elastica: Revealing Shadow Data”, Jim Reavis, CEO of CSA, and Elastica delve deeply into the Elastica Q2 2015 Shadow Data Report and share insights into how organizations can unlock the full business potential of cloud apps and the sensitive corporate data stored in them, while staying secure and compliant."

Securing Virtual Infrastructure


"Virtualization is among the fastest growing IT trends and has delivered undeniable benefits to enterprise computing. However, security often emerges as one of the key concerns with the CIOs, as enterprises look to eliminate their network bottlenecks. In this Webinar, we discuss how virtual computing environment differs from the physical, and how virtualization challenges the networks with security vulnerabilities. Also, get to know how Cyberoam protects virtual networks with its suite of next generation security appliances."