Security in the Face of Compromise

Endpoint security has come a long way from traditional definition based solutions. So has technology which aims to prevent compromise of an infected system. Join this webinar to see live demos of Web-injection attacks, keyloggers and custom malware and see how the next generation of endpoint technology is able to prevent compromise, even when the host system is infected.
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The majority of technology and healthcare companies view cyber security as a serious threat to both their data and business continuity, and only one-third are completely confident in the security of their information in a survey of more than 200 technology company executives, according to Silicon Valley Bank.


5 Mobile App Security MUST-DOs in 2018


To close out the 2017 webinar season, our mobile security expert panel will review the top mobile threats of 2017 (e.g., Cloudbleed, Bootstomp, Broadpwn, and more) and then debate what’s next in mobile app security and mobile app security testing for 2018. Join us for a spirited discussion of the security ramifications of the new iPhone X, iOS 11, Android 8, the latest innovations in the mobile app security testing, and more. Compare your mobile app security and mobile app security testing initiatives with what our experts say should be your top priorities in 2018.

Privileged Accounts and the Cyber Attack Life Cycle


Privileged Accounts and the Cyber Attack Life Cycle. This webinar focuses on how attackers find their way to the heart of enterprises, the role privileged credentials (passwords and SSH keys) play in an active cyber attack, and how the integration of CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution and the FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) can help organizations detect, alert and rapidly respond to cyber attacks.

" Intelligence Redux: Injecting Threat Intelligence into Your Security Organization"


With the escalation of data breaches and threat impacts, there is an ever increasing emphasis on integrating threat intelligence tools and technologies into an organization’s security program. In this presentation, we discuss the challenges and pitfalls associated with creating a true threat intelligence program as well as offer potential solutions for the practitioner to consider.

Rock the CASB: Using Cloud Access Security Brokers to Secure Office 365 & Others

As more companies jump on the cloud bandwagon and migrate core services to cloud apps like Office 365, native app security has proved lacking. Enter Cloud Access Security Brokers. CASBs augment corporate identity and access controls to Cloud services, enabling better visibility, more granular data security, threat protection and compliance. What are the best strategies when making the move to public cloud applications? Join Bitglass and (ISC)2 on December 3, 2015 at 1:PM where we will discuss CASBs and how they can help secure cloud apps like Office 365.