"Security Policy Management Across Hybrid Cloud Platforms & Physical Networks"

Join our webinar to learn how to effectively manage Security Policy across hybrid cloud and physical networks. In this session we will share the key challenges that our customers experience when migrating workloads to the cloud, as well as methods to mitigate these challenges.
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IBM Security Guardium Analyzer helps organizations efficiently address regulated data risk through data discovery, data classification, vulnerability scanning and database risk scoring for on-premises and cloud databases.


Big Data Security Demystified

The presentation will discuss both the promises and challenges presented by big data analytics to information security. To help take advantage of the former without the penalty of the latter, we will learn about the building blocks of a big data security solution and explore the most cost-effective uses of big data analytics to enhance security
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Get Ready for the PCI DSS v3 Deadline

"The new PCI DSS v3 implementation deadline is coming soon—June 30, 2015. Yet around 90% of organizations are already not fully PCI DSS compliant, according to the Verizon 2014 PCI Compliance Report. The new PCI DSS v3 mandates stronger security for the technology that creates trust between servers, devices, and cloud—cryptographic keys and digital certificates. With cybercriminals hungry to steal keys and remediation of Heartbleed still incomplete, there’s sure to be more attention to this in audits. Yet the PCI DSS v3 requirements demand more visibility and security over keys and certificates than most organizations can deliver."
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"Enabling Dropbox for Business"


"Dropbox has revolutionized how employees can access, share and manage company data and collaborate more effectively. But while the distributive nature of cloud based file sharing makes it invaluable to business productivity, it also adds increased risk of malicious or accidental leakage of business-critical data. Today’s cloud sharing services like Dropbox require a complete rethinking of traditional security practices to ensure proper access control, security, and compliance as corporate assets migrate outside the enterprise boundary into 3rd party cloud apps. Implementing these security practices starts with gaining visibility into how cloud apps are being used by employees, identifying sensitive content and how it is being shared, uncovering risky or anomalous behavior, and proactively enforcing policies to protect against internal or external threats. In this webinar, you will learn how your organization can leverage Dropbox while protecting data from attacks and maintaining corporate compliance and governance requirements."
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Building an Adaptive Security Approach with Targeted Intelligence


Adaptive Security will be the new security posture that forward thinking organisations will want to deploy to meet the rapidly evolving threat landscape. What does an adaptive security model look like in practice? During this live webinar session, Nahim Fazal, Blueliv cyber threat development manager at Blueliv, will present some key concepts such as cross product integration, automation, and feeding live threat intelligence into a much broader range of tools. Moreover, he will examine and discuss how threat intelligence sat inside your organisation can be married with external threat intelligence to give you a much broader insight into the unseen cyber risks your organisation is facing. This webinar prolongs and complements Blueliv´s precedent webinar, ´What malicious actors know about my organisation?´, presented in December 2015. It aims to provide some practical guidance to organisations, which are considering to implement Targeted Intelligence within their security posture.
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