See something say something: A humanistic approach to security intelligence

"Attackers are constantly trying to find new exploits to penetrate network defenses and bypass security controls. In 2014, Mandiant’s M-Trends report indicated that it takes an average of 229 days to detect the presence of a threat actor on an enterprise network. Organizations are starting to realize that the evolution in technologies alone cannot stop such incidents, as the actors continue to change their tactics.

Organizations need to consider supplementing their security technologies and processes with their people. By leveraging employees as human sensors, we not only adopt “see something, say something”, but we are able to add an extra layer of defense and exponentially reduce detection time as well.

In this webinar, PhishMe’s Senior Researchers Ronnie Tokazowski and Shyaam Sundhar will discuss:

• Engaging human sensors as a layer of defense
• Utilizing user reports to detect malware
• Real use cases of user detection within our enterprise"
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Cybersecurity has dominated the global headlines during 2017. In May, ransomware attacks - allegedly emanating from North Korea - caused chaos in the NHS. The following month, James Comey, the former head of the FBI, gave evidence in which he claimed that he had “no doubt” that Russia ha


Harness the Power of Digital Notetaking: A Day in the Life of OneNote

"Napkins, notepads, and multiple devices – keeping notes is a mess. Research suggests that the average employee spends roughly 76 hours a year looking for misplaced notes, items or files (Brother International Organization, 2010). Imagine what you could do if you could capture all your ideas and information in one versatile digital notebook. Join us for this webcast to learn how you can harness the power of digital notetaking. Start by collecting and organizing all kinds of information. In this webcast, you’ll learn now you can get more hours out of the day by: •Collecting information from multiple sources into one handy notebook. For example, grab a news clip off the web, record an inspired idea on the go and combine handwriting, spreadsheets, diagrams, even email. •Accessing your information from nearly any device, any time. Use familiar Microsoft Office tools to access your notebook. "

"The Wild Wild West of Secure Mobility: How to Holster Up & Win in a Lawless Land"


"With smartphones and tablets rapidly replacing desktop computers and wearables and Internet of Things connectivity merging in to the expanding mobile landscape, it’s critical that the scope of your security practices move beyond BYOD and the confines of your corporate network. Tune in to our webinar, “The Wild Wild West of Secure Mobility: How to Holster Up & Win in a Lawless Land,” for new perspectives about protecting your mobile business as you venture ahead. During this webinar you will learn about: • Today’s mobility landscape • Tips for keeping the bad guys out • New frontiers: Cost-effective solutions for today and tomorrow "

Securing Healthcare through Identity and the Cloud


In this webinar, Sandy Dalal, Director of Identity and Access Management Services at Allergan, and Krystal Wang, product evangelist at Okta, will explore the role of identity in healthcare security frameworks. Sandy will also share Allergan's journey in its adoption of modern identity solutions and how these solutions have contributed to enhanced security and productivity at Allergan.

SIEM Detection & Response Cases

"Before tackling a SIEM project to improve detection and response, learn from these case studies as their scenario likely matches yours. To firebreak your network brings together technologies, processes and people in the right balance across four phases. More than a security point solution or another box, you need to turn craft into a discipline to improve detection and response. Learn from your peers about the following: - Before environment and issues - Transition effort, cost and impact - After environment and benefits - Best practices for managed SIEM - Your network and next steps "