Six Inconvenient Truths About Data-Centric Security (And What to Do About Them)

Omnibus healthcare information security

Despite everything you've spent on data-centric security, there still is a security gap that is burgeoning at an alarming rate when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The growing complexity of users outside your organization, methods of sharing information, and the number of devices data reside on are continually changing and expanding. Rethink your data-centric security in 2019 with insights from IDC's Research Analyst, Rob Westervelt. This educational webcast will highlight how to: Leverage and extend the value of the Data-Centric Security solutions that you have in place. Identify and eliminate blind spots with current solutions such as DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management to optimize your security.
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Palantir’s Secure Collaboration offering is designed to enable secure information sharing in classified environments between U.S. allies and mission partners.


Attack Tactics 6! Return of the Blue Team

Black Hills Information Security

In this webcast we walk through the step-by-step defenses to stop the attackers in every step of the way we showed in Attack Tactics Part 5. Introduction, password spray toolkit, account lockout, honey accounts, canary tokens, and two factor authorization. fixthefuture , two factor authorization, dumping global address lists, mailsniper 20:30 Lateral movement, OWA, VPN, SSH. Scanning and enumeration, Nmap, SSH Brute Force, “Find Open”, LLMNR, LLMNR Responder, and NrlmRelayX.
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What Makes a Security Rating? Deep Dive Into Threat Data Feeds


Learn how threat data fits into security ratings. Cyber attacks and data breaches are a regular challenge for organizations and their cybersecurity practitioners today. The consequences for a company that falls victim to a hacking attack or other form of data breach can be significant, incurring both financial as well as reputational damage as a result. Measuring and determining the security posture of an organisation is essential to understand the liability and exposure to risk your business faces at any given moment, to reassure staff, shareholders, customers, insurers and suppliers.
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How to Secure Teams From External Threats and Data Loss

Microsoft Teams is arguably the most powerful workplace productivity tool on the market. But with such a robust solution comes a myriad of potential vulnerabilities that could affect your day-today business. In fact, both Gartner and Forrester report that 80% of SaaS breaches stem from misconfiguration, inappropriate user behavi
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SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch serves as our threat intelligence team, providing us with critical link analyses and insights to proactively address any potential cyber threats to our customers and our business. Knowing what cyber threat and Dark Web activity is occurring helps us ensure the safeguarding of customer information and focus our cybersecurity efforts in the right areas.
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