Six Inconvenient Truths About Data-Centric Security (And What to Do About Them)

Despite everything you've spent on data-centric security, there still is a security gap that is burgeoning at an alarming rate when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The growing complexity of users outside your organization, methods of sharing information, and the number of devices data reside on are continually changing and expanding. Rethink your data-centric security in 2019 with insights from IDC's Research Analyst, Rob Westervelt. This educational webcast will highlight how to: Leverage and extend the value of the Data-Centric Security solutions that you have in place. Identify and eliminate blind spots with current solutions such as DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management to optimize your security.
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Top 5 Cybersecurity Misconceptions

Alpine Security

Alpine Security's CEO, Christian Espinosa, will discuss the Top 5 common information security misconceptions and what trends are contributing to our cyber defense ineffectiveness. Christian will also cover actionable solutions for each of the Top 5 problem areas. Topics covered include: Cloud Solutions and Problems. Threats to Small Businesses. Next Gen Firewall Issues. Value of Data from Attacker Perspective. How Egos Get in the Way.
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Key Trends in Payments Intelligence - Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Bank information security

Banks can drive real value to their fraud prevention strategies with machine learning and analytics if they cut through the hype. Machine learning can be made intuitive and available directly to fraud experts. A multi-faceted strategy can turn fraud prevention expertise into a revenue generator for the business. Register for this webinar and join Marc Trepanier, Principal Fraud Consultant at ACI Worldwide, and leading industry analyst Julie Conroy of Aite Group as they discuss real-life use cases that demonstrate how banks can: Improve data management control costs while reducing the compliance and regulatory risks.
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AI and Machine Learning: The Future of Cybersecurity in 2023

Join us for an exciting webinar on the cutting-edge technology of AI and machine learning, and how it is transforming the world of cybersecurity. Flare’s Head of Software Development Alexandre Viau, Data/AI Lead Francois Masson, and Director of Marketing Eric Clay will discuss the latest developments in the field, including the innovative GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT, as well as the vendors who are using AI to improve their cybersecurity capabilities. We will also delve into the growing threat of AI-powered attacks, and how organizations can stay ahead of these sophisticated adversaries.
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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


Machine Learning in cybersecurity webinar presented by Sanja Nedic. THIS WEBINAR COVERED. Core concepts behind machine learning and main types of problems it can solve. Examples of real-world uses of machine learning in security to augment or replace rule-based or heuristic solutions to problems such as spam detection, intrusion detection, malware analysis, vulnerability prioritization, etc. Challenges of building reliable machine learning systems in security space.
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