SNIA Data Storage Security Summit Event Overview


The new SNIA Data Storage Security Summit (DSS) webcast will feature an interactive discussion with the subject matter experts who have organized the DSS Summit. Get an overview of the Summit agenda that addresses the most pressing security trends spanning key management, encryption, regional and vertical industry regulations, technology standards, and best practices as they apply to networked storage, data management and data protection. Webcast attendees will be encouraged to follow SNIA developments and webcasts live on September 24, 2015
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Find out about: The OT/IoT threat landscape: IoT malware Ransomware COVID-19-themed malware The tactics and techniques of the most important threat actors The top 2020 ICS vulnerabilities and their ongoing impact on risk Recommendations for securing OT/IoT networks


Cyber security in life sciences – Webinar


Watch a recording of our webinar held on 7 March 2018, which provides insights into how cyber security can impact life sciences organisations. In this webinar, KPMG Partners Caroline Rivett, Life Sciences Global Cyber Security Leader, and Stan Gallo, Australian leader for Forensic Technology and Cyber Incident Response Services shared their insights on the digitisation journey across the life sciences industry and tips on how to manage and mitigate cyber security risks in your organisation, including. outline of a patient's digital journey. The digital health ecosystem overview. Cyber security risk, management and outlook. Examples of malware attacks in healthcare and life sciences.

Can We Fight Back and Even Win: A Case Study of Success

As we bring the day to a close and have learned of the sophistication of our adversaries, the question remains: will they always have the upper hand? In this session that sets the stage for the closing Investigations and Law Enforcement panel discussion, a leading industry expert in the field of cyber counter intelligence and investigations will walk us through a study of how to bring all the moving pieces together for a successful investigation and prosecution into data breach and fraud.

Responding to the Modern Day DDoS Attack


The sophistication, volume and frequency of DDoS attacks have evolved into major network availability and security threats. In the past, DDoS attacks were simply considered brute-force network attacks. These volumetric attacks continue to exist; however the DDoS threat has become far more sophisticated and difficult to detect and protect against. The toolkits that attackers are using to create massive IoT botnets or execute low-level targeted application layer DDoS attacks are more accessible than ever before. These attacks are the leading internet-based threats facing companies as well as the internet and hosting providers servicing them. Join this webchat to learn how to better prepare for the impending increase in sophistication and scale of DDoS attacks.

"The Fox-IT view on OGIQ's State of Cyber Security report"

Fox IT

"The current state of Cyber Security within Industrial Control Systems industry is a threat that is, in many cases, underestimated. It has a direct effect on the creation of government regulation and legislation. It can also have a deep financial, health, safety and environmental impact. During this webinar we will share our findings and results that are the outcome of the Cyber Security report, that we commissioned together with OGIQ. What are the latest trends in this industry and the valuable data statistics that came to the surface. But most of all we will share our best practice examples that will help this industry prevent a Cyberpocalypse."