Social media and email phishing: How to protect financial information from fraudsters

Email phishing remains a top security threat. Even smart and savvy people are fooled everyday by these malicious emails. They’re even harder to spot now that bad actors use information from social media to personalize their attacks against your customers and your business. In this webinar, Brian Wickenhauser, Mastercard’s Vice President of Security Events Management, will share examples of phishing attempts, how to spot them, ways to combat them and tips for improved safety – all important information to add to your security training programs.
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A Modern & Secure Approach for Cyber Security Operation Centers

With 17,000 new cyber security threats discovered every week, finding a solution that improves flexibility, workflows, and the consolidation of data — while maintaining highly efficient monitoring and management capabilities is a must. This roundtable webinar brings Subject Matter Experts from Userful and Swimlane. The panel will discuss the importance of flexible solutions for Cyber Security Operations Centers, improvements for how your SOC manages and monitors critical security applications, and will recommend ways to improve the exchange of real-time data and collaboration between operators.
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Focus on Open Source Compliance and Security During Legal TransactionsEnable Ginger

Data points to the fact that companies have difficulty managing third-party open source within their software code bases, leading to compliance, IP, and security risk. These risks are often amplified in legal transactions and can impact “go”/”no go” decisions if not addressed throughout the legal process. Join Leon Schwartz, Ass
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Security Industry Financials – A Closer Look


Equities performed exceptionally well in 2017 on the back of strong corporate earnings, lax monetary policy, and the passing of major tax reforms. Notwithstanding the strength seen for a majority of the year, 2018 has been off to a rocky start, with volatility seen in both the debt and equity markets. Mack explained that where we are with tax reform and the strength in the economy that the security industry will continue to see reasonable growth in the equity capital markets over the next several years.
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Six Inconvenient Truths About Data-Centric Security (And What to Do About Them)

Omnibus healthcare information security

Despite everything you've spent on data-centric security, there still is a security gap that is burgeoning at an alarming rate when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The growing complexity of users outside your organization, methods of sharing information, and the number of devices data reside on are continually changing and expanding. Rethink your data-centric security in 2019 with insights from IDC's Research Analyst, Rob Westervelt. This educational webcast will highlight how to: Leverage and extend the value of the Data-Centric Security solutions that you have in place. Identify and eliminate blind spots with current solutions such as DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management to optimize your security.
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