Social media and email phishing: How to protect financial information from fraudsters

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Email phishing remains a top security threat. Even smart and savvy people are fooled everyday by these malicious emails. They’re even harder to spot now that bad actors use information from social media to personalize their attacks against your customers and your business. In this webinar, Brian Wickenhauser, Mastercard’s Vice President of Security Events Management, will share examples of phishing attempts, how to spot them, ways to combat them and tips for improved safety – all important information to add to your security training programs.
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Learn how you can identify undocumented and unmanaged APIs in the Wallarm console with our new and improved Shadow API Detection capability:


Beyond ChatGPT, Building Security Applications using OpenAI API

ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI in November 2022. Since then, it has been the subject of many discussions. ChatGPT itself is one application that was built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 models. We can programmatically interact with these models via OpenAI API. In this talk, we will go beyond ChatGPT and discuss OpenAI API, fine-tuning our own models for specific tasks, and building security applications on top of them. We will be building a sample application that interprets human requests and performs the basic tasks requested.
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The Power of AI to Disrupt Security Ops


Many of today's companies are hesitant to adopt new security technologies - particularly AI. The truth is AI is successfully disrupting many areas of security operations and shifting us away from the traditional SOC and man-led threat intelligence. In this webinar, Chris Calvert will introduce the concept of autonomous security driven by AI, probability theory and advanced algorithms. These new technologies apply reasoning, judgement and experience to identify threats and make decisions at the scale, speed and consistency no human can match, freeing up analysts for higher level investigation and response actions.
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Maximizing Network Security with Microsegmentation to Minimize the Risk From Any Attacker

Lateral movement allows attackers to damage and steal information from an entire network once they gain access to one (usually the most vulnerable) entry point. Microsegmentation solves this problem by dividing a network into very small regions called microsegments, usually up to a segment per machine. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can be time-consuming, expensive, difficult to manage, and ineffective. Join Nicholas DiCola, VP of Customers at Zero Networks, and Aaron J. Goodwin, CISO at B. Riley Financial, as they share everything you need to know to effectively utilize microsegmentation for maximum network security and minimize the risk of attacks – including best practices, use cases, and the most easily deployable solutions to keep your organization safe.
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Key Trends in Payments Intelligence - Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Bank information security

Banks can drive real value to their fraud prevention strategies with machine learning and analytics if they cut through the hype. Machine learning can be made intuitive and available directly to fraud experts. A multi-faceted strategy can turn fraud prevention expertise into a revenue generator for the business. Register for this webinar and join Marc Trepanier, Principal Fraud Consultant at ACI Worldwide, and leading industry analyst Julie Conroy of Aite Group as they discuss real-life use cases that demonstrate how banks can: Improve data management control costs while reducing the compliance and regulatory risks.
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