Stage 3 – Management: The third layer of your cyber-defense-in-depth strategy

Stage 3 – Management: The third layer of your cyber-defense
When it comes to larger or more complex organizations, managing cyber security risks requires a more intensive approach than implementing basic security protection.

Embedding risk-based security controls, managing the security of supply chains, and carrying out regular audits are some of the many measures an organization may need to take to manage and reduce risk.
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Overcoming the Challenges of Credentialed Scanning


Get the visibility you need to build an effective cyber exposure plan. You know authenticated or credentialed scanning provides more detail about your existing assets, along with the deepest possible understanding of the exposures in your environment. So why aren’t you taking more advantage of authenticated scanning? When we talk to security professionals who are hesitant to run credentialed scans, their story hasn't changed much in over 8 years. Two things stand out: Lack of trust. They're uncomfortable inputting credentials into a third-party, less-trusted source. Too much information. The tsunami of data generated by credentialed scanning is challenging to prioritize. If you're not taking full advantage of credentialed scanning, you need to watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Tenable and CyberArk integrate to: Provide details on what don’t you know about your environment, giving you a complete cyber exposure view.
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Top Ten Ways to Handle Contracts Effectively In-House

Handling a large number of contracts is a fact of life for most in-house attorneys – with an ever-increasing volume and tight deadlines, even before a M&A or other event triggers a voluminous contract review. But it doesn’t have to be chaotic or disorganized: with the right processes and tools you can provide strong, responsive
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IoT Security and Artificial Intelligence for better industrial applications

Watch this 45-minute free webinar, and gain insights about IoT & Industrial IoT, Edge, and AI through a detailed analysis of each stage of the IoT device lifecycle.
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Data Centers Are Migrating To the Cloud – Is Your OT Security Infrastructure Ready?

To lower costs and improve efficiencies, enterprises are moving some or all of their data and applications from on-prem to the public cloud, or even SaaS. And, as OT and IT convergence accelerates, OT teams are evaluating their options as they look to the future. Unfortunately, organizations often fail to ensure that their security infrastructure is ready before migrating.
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