Stage 4 – Response: The fourth layer of your cyber-defence-in-depth strategy

Stage 4 – Response: The fourth layer of your cyber-defence
Implementing a cyber security incident response management plan means you won’t waste valuable time when the worst happens.

Cyber incident response is a part of wider business continuity management. It helps you put plans in place to cover all types of unplanned disruption, from cyber security incidents to natural disasters, from power outages to pandemics.
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Answers To Hard Security Questions For Executives, By Executives

Knowing about cybersecurity risks is half the battle - get the hard facts from these executives who successfully met the challenge of the US Cyber Command. Hear from these cyber security former military leaders and see how they achieved answers to the hardest questions by the world’s most relied-upon forces.
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Understanding The Role Of Software Bill Of Materials In Cybersecurity Readiness

Cybersecurity issues are top of mind across the open source community, and beyond. In response to the ongoing threat of cyber attacks, Linux Foundation Research, in partnership with SPDX, OpenChain, and OpenSSF, has conducted the first in a series of research projects to understand the challenges and opportunities for securing software supply chains. This soon-to-be-published report, The State of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Cybersecurity Readiness, will be released to coincide with this webinar.
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How NHS Bolton Empowers Its Security Team with AI

Watch this webinar to hear how NHS Bolton Foundation Trust, a UK regional healthcare provider has overcome stretched resources using an innovative approach of automation and AI.
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Cybersecurity in a Cloud-Based World


Cyberattacks are the fastest growing crime in the U.S., and they are increasing in size, sophistication and cost. During this webcast, subject matter expert Duane Anderson will: Discuss the major vulnerabilities within cloud-based systems. Explain why it’s critical to keep these systems secure. Provide simple actions (ex. browser settings) that can be taken to protect against hacks.
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