State of the Internet / Security Report: Latest DDoS and Web App Attack Trends Overview

Akamai Technologies

As an organization that delivers and protects 15-30% of the world’s web traffic on a daily basis, Akamai is uniquely positioned to observe a large amount of attacks ranging from 20 malicious HTTP requests containing SQL injection to DDoS attacks of up to 650 Gbps. Our security experts analyze this information and share trends, observations, and findings in our quarterly State of the Internet / Security Report. We present this information and our latest insights in our on-demand webinar.
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Data centric audit and protection (DCAP) solutions combine an extensive set of data security and audit functionality with the ability to eliminate disparate silos. Read this paper to learn: How real-time visibility and blocking maximize protection. Why intelligent automation lowers total cost of ownership. What key solution features enable fast time to value


NIST Recommendations for ICS & IIoT Security


WannaCry, NotPetya, and TRITON demonstrate that ICS and IIoT networks continue to be soft targets for cyberattacks, increasing the risk of costly downtime, safety failures, environmental incidents, and theft of sensitive intellectual property. NIST and the NCCoE recently published a NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) demonstrating how off-the-shelf, ICS-aware behavioral anomaly detection (BAD) effectively reduces cyber risk for manufacturing organizations, without impacting OT networks, as well as risk from equipment malfunctions.

Automotive Transformation on the Data Superhighway

"Join Grant Bodley for a webinar on Automotive Transformation on the Information Superhighway. Grant is GM of Global Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Hortonworks and will explain: ​ Forces transforming the automotive industry Disruptive innovation driven by Big Data and the Connected Car Open Enterprise Hadoop and the Information Superhighway, and How automakers are using new data insights to transform their business"

Digital Certificates - A Critical Line of Defense Against Cybercrime

Digital Certificates are a critical line of defense against cybercrime. From authenticating traditional user endpoints to enabling trusted e-commerce purchases, digital certificates and the public key infrastructure (PKI) that issues them create a high assurance foundation for digital security when implemented correctly. Partnering to provide best-in-class PKI solutions, Certified Security Solutions and Thales e-Security invite you to a live webinar to discuss digital certificate use cases, the security threat landscape and resolutions to dangerous enterprise problems putting your company at risk for costly outages and data breaches. Join John Grimm, Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Thales e-Security and Ted Shorter, CTO at Certified Security Solutions (CSS) as they discuss: • "Newest" security technology • Why it's different today • Digital certificate use cases • Security threat landscape

"CVSS Under Fire: How to Solve The Prioritization Problem"

In the landscape of vulnerability management, you know that effective prioritization of vulnerabilities is the difference between "playing the numbers game" and truly being an InfoSec rock star. But too often, our primary resource--the CVSS--is relied on too heavily, with disastrous consequences.Michael Roytman, Chief Data Scientist at Kenna, will explain what IT security professionals miss by placing too much trust in CVSS when it comes to prioritization efforts. He will also explain what information should absolutely be taken into consideration in order to focus on vulnerabilities posing the greatest risk. Topics covered include.