Stop Living in the Past: A New Approach to Application Security


Information security has not kept pace with the new reality of a software-driven world. Traditional defenses are proving inadequate in this environment. We’ll discuss how organizations should evolve their security strategies as users and applications become the risk focal point.
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Hacking used to be a game: an opportunity for the most clever and ambitious in the tech community to show off their skills and superiority - this was especially true within the hacking community. Today however, the game has changed.


The Path to Micro-Segmentation

"Whether you're responsible for implementing micro-segmentation, involved with data center or cloud transformation or just trying to understand the network connectivity requirements of your workloads ~ this is a must-see webinar. During this webinar, participants will learn: * What micro-segmentation is exactly and why is it important * The “Path to Micro-Segmentation”... how to prepare for it and what steps to take * How micro-segmentation can benefit network, security, data center/cloud and DevOps teams through an application-centric view of your virtual infrastructure"

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

"Victims of targeted attacks, or advanced persistent threats (APTs), make the headlines. Attend this webinar to learn how APTs work and how to defend your business from them. Pat Hill, HP TippingPoint Product Manager, and Bob Corson, Director, Solutions Marketing, discuss the anatomy of an attack and why it's critical to detect and isolate the attack at ""patient zero,"" the initial point of infection. Attend this webinar to learn: · How the bad guys evade your security · The counter measures you need to detect and block them · How HP TippingPoint and Trend Micro have partnered to neutralize patient zero"

Exploring the Current State of Cybersecurity in the Legal Sector

BitSight Technologies

Despite the fact that third party breaches have been on the rise, organizations may not be doing enough to manage the cybersecurity of all of their critical vendors. Law firms, in particular, are one of the most widely used third parties, yet the Legal sector may be getting overlooked in vendor security discussions. In fact, the latest BitSight Insights Industry Index report revealed that although companies in the Legal sector have high security ratings and low rates of vulnerabilities, the industry remains a key target for cyber criminals. Therefore, it’s crucial for organizations in this space to understand their cybersecurity posture and improve their vendor risk management techniques.

Risk Mitigation or Risk Transference – Lessons from Physical Security

Every week we hear of new data breaches, estimates guess that only 10% of breaches make it to the public, so with so many breaches, where are security and risk professionals going wrong. This talk will take a look at the use of risk mitigation and risk transference in physical security and how these are strangely not replicated in logical / Information Security