Stopping Email-Borne Threats Before They Spread

Your organization likely has extensive security protections for your inbound email from the Internet. However, as much as two-thirds of many organizations’ total email traffic is generated internally by users. And, of course, attackers know this. Are you inspecting your internal email with the same diligence as your inbound email? What about the emails being sent out to your partners, suppliers, and customers? Attend this webinar to take a step inside your organization’s entire email traffic to learn about: The latest techniques that attackers are using to target your users. How attacks are spread both internally and externally. Advanced security and automation to defend your organization from compromised users and internal threats.
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Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry


Attend the unique SIA webinar “Financing Security: How M&As and the Markets Are Shaping the Security Industry” to learn more about the impact of the 2018 deals that brought together Amazon and Ring, ADT and Red Hawk, Motorola and Avigilon, Securitas and Kratos, and many others. In addition, this webinar will examine the debt capital markets, equity capital markets, emerging market trends and other financial components of the security industry, while providing a look ahead to the rest of 2019.a
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Business Continuity Insights, Considerations and Recommendations

Business disruptions from power outages to global pandemics impact organizations of all sizes. The goal of IT leadership within an organization is to ensure their users are still productive while maintaining some level of control of these users access to corporate resources. Creating an effective business continuity and disaster
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Key Insights Into Today's Risk Management Landscape


Today, cyber risk management affects organizations of all sizes across all industries. With data breaches on the rise and sensitive client information increasingly at risk, businesses need to elevate their existing risk management strategies to become more comprehensive. To proactively mitigate risk, organizations need to create a lasting risk management program that can scale with the growth of their business and sustain the changing risk landscape.
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Learn the Security and Privacy Best Practices to Manage the New California Privacy Regulations


Data security is moving to the top of the executive agenda, with companies paying more attention to what data they have, and how to protect it. Organizations are rolling out more access controls and upgrading their monitoring and assessment capabilities to best manage new regulations on the horizon. California’s passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) on June 28 and adoption of a set of amendments to the law in September has proven to be a strong catalyst for a new focus on data security.
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