Stopping Email-Borne Threats Before They Spread

Your organization likely has extensive security protections for your inbound email from the Internet. However, as much as two-thirds of many organizations’ total email traffic is generated internally by users. And, of course, attackers know this. Are you inspecting your internal email with the same diligence as your inbound email? What about the emails being sent out to your partners, suppliers, and customers? Attend this webinar to take a step inside your organization’s entire email traffic to learn about: The latest techniques that attackers are using to target your users. How attacks are spread both internally and externally. Advanced security and automation to defend your organization from compromised users and internal threats.
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ATT&CK Deep Dive: Lateral Movement

Carbon Black

Join Red Canary, Carbon Black, and MITRE ATT&CK™ for a deep dive into lateral movement detection. This hands-on webinar will demonstrate how applying lateral movement detection tactics and techniques can help you find higher level actors in your environment and improve the efficacy of your security program.
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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


Machine Learning in cybersecurity webinar presented by Sanja Nedic. THIS WEBINAR COVERED. Core concepts behind machine learning and main types of problems it can solve. Examples of real-world uses of machine learning in security to augment or replace rule-based or heuristic solutions to problems such as spam detection, intrusion detection, malware analysis, vulnerability prioritization, etc. Challenges of building reliable machine learning systems in security space.
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Breach Detection: Why SPOTTING a Breach is More Important than STOPPING it


In the current threat landscape, most businesses now recognise that it is only a matter of time before they are breached. This shift in philosophy from the idea of preventing every intrusion to realising that intrusions will happen is an important milestone. Sadly, hackers can hide in your network for days, weeks or months without your knowledge. UK businesses, especially SMBs, need to get smarter in their approach to detecting intrusions and limiting their impact.
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Supply Chain Cybersecurity: How to Mitigate Third-Party Risks?

With supply chain transparency and digital transformation being among the top organizational priorities, cyber-related issues have become one of the top risks to businesses. Most companies don't consider their supply chain vulnerability when thinking about cybersecurity. Yet, supply chain risks could include multiple functions across the flow of information, products and services – needing the attention of all entities involved. Supply chain security is every company's responsibility.
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