"Taking TLS Security to the next level"

SSL/TLS security remains a central component of an organisation’s security strategy. Find out about the latest in best practice and compliance and learn how to keep your website secure, protect your customers from attacks, and safeguard your company reputation. In this webinar we give you 3 tips you can implement today to enable the highest levels of SSL/TLS security
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The situation is critical: 50% of all IT security vulnerabilities are the result of out-of-date application patches. Your business can’t afford to ignore this risk. 63% of security vulnerabilities discovered in 2016 could have been prevented with a strong patching policy. 43% of cyber-attacks


Ready Before the Smoke Clears: understanding the correlation between DDoS attack

Arbor Networks

A DDoS attack is sometimes a smokescreen to cover up much more damaging activity such as theft or fraud. While you’re working frantically to mitigate the DDoS attack and get critical applications back online, cybercriminals could be working under the radar to break into your systems and conduct more malevolent activities.

"Secure Networks Mean Secure Revenue"

arbor networks

"According to Arbor’s 2014 Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, 70% of service providers are seeing an increasing demand from customers for DDoS detection and mitigation services. The customers with the greatest demand are cloud/hosting providers, financial services, government, and e-commerce sectors. The goal of this presentation is to discuss the various approaches to defending your network against the threat of DDoS attacks and how to leverage this capability to generate revenue via a managed DDoS protection service offering."

7 Secrets of Defending Against New Advanced Threats on a Budget


"Advanced threat techniques are available for purchase by cybercriminals who now target companies of all sizes for quick cash at high ROI. If you don't have an army of IT security specialists and an unlimited IT budget, you're probably feeling overwhelmed by the always-changing threat. Watch this webinar to learn: Business dynamics accelerating advanced threat use by criminals Critical choke points that almost all advanced threats have to go through to succeed Tips for the most cost-effective and achievable ways to stop advanced threats today and tomorrow."

Optimize Your Data’s Footprint, Security & Protection in Virtual Environments

"Do you know what’s in your virtual attic? As organizations have virtualized their data center, the virtual infrastructure is increasingly business-critical, with greater risks to availability, security and protection. And with corporate data distributed across hundreds of virtual machines (VM), every VM is a data black box, subject to unbridled growth, management neglect, as well as security and compliance issues. Join DataGravity Director of Product Marketing, Tim Sherbak, and Solutions Architect and renowned vExpert, Gabriel Maentz, as they discuss ways to address your growing data bloat, resolve hidden liabilities and extract greater value from your data. During this webinar, you’ll learn holistic strategies to: •Increase your visibility and understanding of your data sets •Rein in data growth and storage utilization •Enhance data compliance and security •Simplify protection and recovery"