The Current State of Cybersecurity is a 24x7x365 Game

The lack of awareness around cyber threats and the risk that these pose to an organisation is a worrying state of affairs. Data breaches, hacks and various cyber-attacks dominate the headlines on a regular basis. Unfortunately protecting an organisation against a cyber threat becomes impossible if you don’t know that the threat exists. So how do you protect your organisations against known and unknown threats? Security is constantly changing. To stay ahead of threats, you need to leverage software plus services to augment your security team and capabilities.
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Cut Your Cybersecurity Risk with an Industry-Leading Password Safe

While compromised passwords remain the top cause of breaches and attacks, working from home and leveraging new tools has resulted in an explosion of new, decentralized employee passwords outside of the enterprise applications onboarded to your identity and privileged access management program. This shadow IT creates significant cybersecurity risk for your company with hundreds of employee passwords, secrets, and files shared in chats and texts, stored in spreadsheets, and saved on sticky notes. Or worse, passwords are reused across personal and corporate accounts on the internet.
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Combat Supply Chain Enterprise and Ecosystem Cybersecurity Threats

As cyber attacks pose a growing, more serious threat to supply chain operations, our supply chains are not as secure as they should be. Supply chain leaders are not experts in cybersecurity, and they need to establish tight governance approaches with IT and security counterparts across the enterprise to protect supply chain IT, cyber-physical systems, and products. The threat vectors extend well beyond the enterprise, reaching into the third-party supply chain ecosystems. This complimentary webinar explores the cyber risks that supply chains face, and the steps supply chain leaders can take to manage those risks, including talent, collaboration and transparency approaches.
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Extend your Attack Surface Coverage with No SIEM Required

Alert Logic

Attend this webinar to learn about new capabilities that Alert Logic has added that extends attack surface coverage for Endpoint, Multi-Cloud, and Dark Web. Get broader detection and response for less effort and lower cost with no SIEM required.
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3 Steps to Combat Ransomware in K-12 and Public Sector

The recent cyber attack on Los Angeles Unified School District is not unique. Public schools and universities are targets for ransomware, that can cripple your infrastructure and expose sensitive data. Not having proper security is a risk you can’t afford. But with tight budgets and limited personnel, finding the right security can be an uphill battle.
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