The Cyber Protection Advantage: How MSPs Can Differentiate and Grow

Channel Futures

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, data volumes continue to grow, and the way data is accessed changes, modern data protection requires a next-gen solution that goes beyond backup. With Acronis’ unique, integrated approach to data protection – cyber protection – MSPs can ensure that customer data is safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure (SAPAS).
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The reality of email is that cybercriminals can use almost any brand or email domain to send spam, phishing emails, and malware installs, inflicting direct losses to customers and eroding the brand equity companies have spent years building up. The solution is DMARC, which allows companies to understand all the different mail st


3-Minute Video: Overcoming the Challenges of an Unplanned Distributed Workforce

When the world stayed home overnight, organizations had to rapidly solve the challenges of an unplanned distributed workforce – from maintaining visibility across the IT environment and tracking corporate and BOYD devices to closing existing and new vulnerability gaps. Tanium's unique structure was built for these challenging en
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IDaaS: Your Identity Fabric. Connecting Every User to Every Service, Seamlessly


Workforce mobility, rapidly changing business models and business partnerships contribute to a trend where businesses must be able to seamlessly enable access for everyone, to every digital service. These services might be public cloud, they might be web applications with or without support for federation standards, they might be solely backend services accessed via APIs, or even legacy applications exposed only via some sort of middleware. However, agility in the digital journey mandates that IT can provide seamless access to all these services while keeping in control and enforcing security. Identity as a Service offering, whether deployed from a public or hybrid cloud, can take a central role, by acting as the common fabric connecting all the users and all the services. Such services include support for adaptive authentication, auditing features, broad federation services, authorization capabilities, and various capabilities.
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How to Leverage Hacking Competitions as an Educational and Recruitment Tool


One of the most-heard complaints from security experts is that often they find their work repetitive ("The CFO's laptop has been compromised... again!"), which results in the desire of trying something "new", meaning "leave for another company." Another common complaint is that the work is very compartmentalized, and there are few occasions in which the various security specialists can enjoy working as a team. One activity that can help build a team while improving the security skills of the people involved is participating in Capture the Flag (CTF) hacking competitions. In 2003 at the University of California at Santa Barbara, one of the world's largest attack-defense CTF competitions began and has grown year-after-year, pushing the limits of the players and providing opportunities for better learning. In addition, hacking competitions are a great opportunity for recruiting new talent: CTF participants are highly skilled, well-motivated, and hard-working, which are great traits for a future employee.
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SurfWatch Labs

SurfWatch serves as our threat intelligence team, providing us with critical link analyses and insights to proactively address any potential cyber threats to our customers and our business. Knowing what cyber threat and Dark Web activity is occurring helps us ensure the safeguarding of customer information and focus our cybersecurity efforts in the right areas.
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