The Cyber Protection Advantage: How MSPs Can Differentiate and Grow

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, data volumes continue to grow, and the way data is accessed changes, modern data protection requires a next-gen solution that goes beyond backup. With Acronis’ unique, integrated approach to data protection – cyber protection – MSPs can ensure that customer data is safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure (SAPAS).
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Strengthening Industrial Cybersecurity with Internal Segmentation

This session shares recent changes in the ICS cyber threat landscape and introduces EdgeIPS™ Pro, developed by TXOne Networks to provide ICS network segmentation, trust lists, and virtual patch technology to make up the new cybersecurity foundations of your shop floor network.
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No Host Found: Remote Connection Security in a Post-VPN World

Internet connectivity has become a must-have feature for digital business operations. Devices on the edge provide significant value, but the constant connectivity comes with a price in terms of security risk. Hackers may target industrial controls, healthcare devices, sensors, or vehicles through their open ports and global IP a
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Mobile Security App-titude: Best Practices for Secure App Design and Data Privacy

Malicious attacks on mobile applications are on the rise, presenting significant security and privacy risk to consumer data. Each data storage touchpoint is an additional attack surface. With CCPA data privacy regulations kicking in this year, companies need to be more aware of what data they keep and where it’s stored. Maintaining a zero-trust mentality and incorporating security by design is essential for keeping your mobile environment secure.
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Best Practices for Implementing a Cyber-Physical Convergence Strategy

Security leaders need comprehensive strategies that take both physical security and cybersecurity into account. This session covers: How to develop a holistic security strategy How to implement a framework to align both security functions How to bridge the gap between cyber and physical security operations How to leverage data-d
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