Traditional antivirus solutions require a list of virus definitions - or "signatures" to detect known viruses and malware. But with nearly 1 million new malware threats released - every day, it is no wonder traditional antivirus can no longer cope. Learn the difference between traditional AV and Endpoint Protection. Discover the difference between signature-based and behaviour-based detection, and the fundamental differences between Antivirus and Endpoint Protection.
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While cloud deployment rates have accelerated during the past 2 years, cloud security strategies often lag leaving services misconfigured and vulnerable to security breaches. Increasing cloud complexity presents different security challenges requiring a clear strategy to manage risk. The IANS/Securosis Cloud Security Maturity Mo


Navigating the Modern Security Landscape

As cyber criminals grow bolder and more sophisticated, their methods evolve. Join Allen Jenkins, InterVision’s CISO & VP of Cybersecurity Consulting, as he explores the modern security landscape. Allen will discuss recent cybersecurity attacks – including a synopsis of the attack, its impact and deconstructing how the attack happened – and a review of mitigation steps that could help organizations prepare for and respond to these types of attacks, including:
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2022 Cyber Challenges & Industry Intelligence Study

The modern security organization is fueled by intelligence, advanced technology, and more knowledgeable professionals than any other point in history. However, the endless war that started at the dawn of connectivity often sees the same challenges as we do today and much of this stems from the misconception that organizations must fight threat actors on their own. This myth continues to create siloes, both internally and externally, and prevents teams from gaining necessary threat visibility or reducing overloaded analysts workload.
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Threat Hunting—A Practical Demonstration


Today it is almost considered negligent to wait for an alert from IDS/IPS, firewalls, NAC, and endpoint security products before taking action. For years some of us who ha e been in the industry for a while have engaged in operations where we go out into the environment and actively look for threats to hand off to the IR team to eradicate. Enter the world of threat hunting. We will side step any product marketing and dig deep into what threat hunting actually is. The second half of this webinar will consist of demo of some technical threat hunting operations that anyone can practice sharpening their hunt skills.
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Building Blocks for Your IT Security Program

AT&T Cybersecurity

Implementing effective asset discovery and vulnerability assessment are two of the most important first steps in improving IT security. Before you can protect your environment, you need to understand what assets you have across your cloud and on-premises environments, and be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.
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