The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining

Webinar: The evolving cyber security threat: Introduction to Cryptomining. In this webinar we explore the current threat landscape affecting industry technology and how we recommend and can assist you in guarding against it.
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Cybersecurity Insurance

As a result, Cybersecurity Insurance providers are tightening their requirements and costs at renewal time. This is causing a perfect storm for many organizations. This on-demand webinar covers the new requirements we’re seeing. We also discuss options to utilize Microsoft technologies, which you may already own, to meet those requirements and help keep your organization safe through reduced risk.
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When it comes to securing information systems from breaches, the best medicine is a dose of prevention. In this complimentary webinar, panelists discuss top security threats and trends, business impacts, and the components of an effective, preventive cyber security program. The webinar addressed the following objectives: Evaluate top trends impacting information security. Describe how organizations can work smarter to enhance cybersecurity programs, despite resource and financial constraints. Evaluate effective cybersecurity measures and policies. Describe considerations and resources for educating employees.
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Ransomware & Powershell: The Power Couple

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With more than 4,000 new ransomware samples appearing every day, it is impossible for signature-based defenses to keep up. Every indication shows that the rise in ransomware is accelerating, making it mission critical for you to put the right tools and processes in place to defend against these relentless emerging threats. This webinar will help organizations understand the typical behavior that powershell exhibits in environments normally so that ransomware attacks that leverage powershell can be detected quickly.
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Investigating the Hacker Lifecycle


One of the hottest topics at RSA San Francisco 2019 was the Mitre ATT&CK framework. Along with the Lockheed-Martin Kill Chain, it has become a standard reference model for cybersecurity professionals. Specifically, it is used to describe each stage of an attack. Pen testers, security analysts and Security Operations Center (SOC) professionals must learn how to mature their operations, as well as hone the skills of red team and blue team workers.
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