The Latest Cybersecurity Trends: Which Industry Is Most At Risk?

"Some cyber security analysts called 2014 “the year of the retail breach” due to major breaches affecting major American retailers and leading to millions of compromised customer records. Cyber security has continued to grab the headlines over the past year, as major breaches have affected companies across all industry sectors, from healthcare to finance.

Join this webinar to learn more about the security performance of six major industry sectors: finance, government, retail, utilities/energy, healthcare and education. Mike Woodward, Program Director of Data will reveal interesting insights into the performance of each industry based on BitSight’s proprietary Security Ratings data."
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It can be tough to find an optimal way to share intellectual property and restricted information between staff and business partners, without inadvertently releasing restricted documents to unauthorized personnel. This report takes your information sharing and collaboration concerns into account and


Forget Zero Day, Hello Zero Second!

"What can malware do in 60 seconds? One minute can change everything for a business. So what happens when the speed of business is overtaken by the speed of malware? The Check Point team devised a test to quantify that exact question. Watch this webcast to hear about the results of the Zero Second Test and how you can beat the speed of malware"

"Internal Segmentation Firewall: Securing the Network from the Inside-Out"


"Organisations have focused on building defences across the borders of their networks, leaving the internal network flat and open. However, advanced threats use this to their advantage because, once inside, they get free access to the entire enterprise network and assets. In this webinar we will present: 1.The state of enterprise security 2.Hard on the outside and chewy on the inside – internal network risks 3.Internal Segmentation Firewall to the rescue – protecting the network from the inside-out "

"Internet of Things: The Time Is Now" "

"With the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) to hit $7 trillion by 2020, partners better not wait to beat their competition to this opportunity. In this short video, Channel Partners' Craig Galbraith breaks down what you need to know about security – a critical component of IoT – and steps you should take now to help customers who have already deployed IoT devices and services."

Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering: Automated E2E Spear Phishing


Historically, machine learning for information security has prioritized defense: think intrusion detection systems, malware classification and botnet traffic identification. Offense can benefit from data just as well. Social networks, especially Twitter with its access to extensive personal data, bot-friendly API, colloquial syntax and prevalence of shortened links, are the perfect venues for spreading machine-generated malicious content.We present a recurrent neural network that learns to tweet phishing posts targeting specific users. The model is trained using spear phishing pen-testing data, and in order to make a click-through more likely, it is dynamically seeded with topics extracted from timeline posts of both the target and the users they retweet or follow. We augment the model with clustering to identify high value targets based on their level of social engagement such as their number of followers and retweets, and measure success using click-rates of IP-tracked links. Taken together, these techniques enable the world's first automated end-to-end spear phishing campaign generator for Twitter.