The Path Forward for Cybersecurity's AI: Not All AI Are Created Equal

For decades, IT professionals have been fighting malware, hackers, and other threats. Data protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability have long been threatened not only by amateur hackers, but by profit-oriented, well-organised criminals. Victims can usually only react because many of the usual methods for detecting malware require knowledge about specific attack techniques, about the behavior or about signatures of specific malware families.
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IFAC TAG Webinar on Cyber Security


In today’s digital age, many people have at some point wondered whether their online accounts have been compromised or have been part of a large data breach. Like a lot of the issues that make the news on a regular basis, we can become desensitized to cyber risks, but it is imperative, especially for organizations of all sizes, to be vigilant and educate their employees and stakeholders on proper protocols and procedures for minimizing risk. Accounting professionals are in a unique position to address cybersecurity.
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Under the Radar – The Future of Undetected Malware


The future is not full of easy to detect junkware, but hard to remediate and dangerous malware. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and adopting anti-forensic techniques that evade defenses with hard to remediate malware, like fileless attacks. Watch our webinar and learn about: The future of undetected malware. The latest and hardiest threats to remediate like Sam Sam, Sorebrect, Emotet and TrickBot. How prominent cybersecurity vendors cannot protect you from these threats.
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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


Machine Learning in cybersecurity webinar presented by Sanja Nedic. THIS WEBINAR COVERED. Core concepts behind machine learning and main types of problems it can solve. Examples of real-world uses of machine learning in security to augment or replace rule-based or heuristic solutions to problems such as spam detection, intrusion detection, malware analysis, vulnerability prioritization, etc. Challenges of building reliable machine learning systems in security space.
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2022 SANS Survey: State of Cloud Security in the Enterprise

More and more enterprises have moved their infrastructure and operations to the cloud than ever before. Along with these changes, we have also seen a significant change in enterprise security posture and use of technology. However, what does that change look like? How have security teams kept up with the change? Just what is the state of cloud security in the enterprise?
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