This is Security: Nothing is what it SIEMs

Companies of every size and across every industry need to have the solution to defend against cyber attacks. For medium-sized and budget-constrained companies especially – the array of security technologies and solution and the volume of cyber threats can make the challenge seem overwhelming. Organizations suffer trying to manage raw data, security events and false positive incidents with limited context, overworked staff, and a lack of threat landscape knowledge. There is a better way to improve your security without the time, effort, and cost of purchasing and integrating multiple tools, a traditional SIEM or expensive traditional security outsourcing vendors.
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Cloud Security Strategies for Today’s Enterprises

The typical enterprise relies on dozens, even hundreds, of cloud applications and services sprawled across different platforms and service providers. Security teams need to shoulder the responsibility of coordinating security and incident response and not leave it up to individual providers. In this webinar, experts discuss the specific tools and best practices to manage security in the cloud environment. You’ll learn technologies and strategies to safely move data into the cloud, enforce policies across different platforms, and monitor data in the cloud. You’ll walk away with recommendations on ways to securely manage cloud environments, even across multiple vendors.
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Reduce API Security Risks with Automated and Continuous API Scanning

Digital businesses have widespread API usage that makes it easier for organizations to share data and integrate with customer applications. However, since APIs expose application logic and sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), APIs have increasingly become a target for attackers leading to many serious data breaches in recent past. Gartner estimates that by 2022, API abuse will become the most-frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for many organizations.
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SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report


Each year, the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco features top SANS instructors presenting their look at the new attack techniques currently in use and their projections for future exploits. This fast-paced panel--moderated by Alan Paller and featuring Heather Mahalik, Ed Skoudis and Johannes Ullrich--is one of the highest-rated keynote sessions at the conference. In this webcast, SANS Director of Emerging Technologies John Pescatore will highlight: The top new attacks and threats as defined in that presentation.
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CyberSecurity CopyPortfolio Webinar


2018 was the year big tech & govt’s struggled with CyberSecurity breaches - Cyber is now an investment trend. Watch eToro's webinar with International Broadcaster, Elliott Gotkine & eToro’s CEO, Yoni Assia as they discuss cyber security.
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