Threat Hunting Reimagined

Threat hunting is a challenging, complex and time consuming exploratory activity. Threat hunters must explore, prioritize & investigate threats, gather data with context, connect disparate pieces of data, and conduct rapid and relevant analysis. Unfortunately today's tools get in the way and prevent the analyst from doing what they do best - hunt threats. Join our webinar and see firsthand how threat hunting teams can realize their full potential. With Devo, threat hunters can: Analyze real-time streaming and historical data at petabyte scale.
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Learn the Ins and Outs of a Security-Aware Culture from a Forrester Expert


Developing and maintaining a security-aware culture in an organization has become vital in the defense against modern cyberthreats. But such a culture cannot be expected to develop overnight. Building such a culture is a journey, not a miracle, with many pitfalls along the way. That’s why we’re here to help. Watch our on-webinar Harden the Human Firewall by Building Awareness, Behavior, and Culture, with MediaPRO Chief Learning Officer Tom Pendergast guest speaker Forrester analyst Jinan Budge to learn how to instill a culture of security through an engaging, meaningful, and even entertaining security awareness program.
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Deploying Secure Modern Apps in Evolving Infrastructures

Security Boulevard

Software development is changing. It is now measured in days instead of months. Microservice architectures are preferred over monolithic centralized app architecture, and cloud is the preferred environment over hardware that must be owned and maintained. In this webinar, we examine how these new software development practices have changed web application security and review a new approach to protecting assets at the web application layer.
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Analyst Roundtable: How Exposure Management Helps You Gain Visibility, Prevent Attacks, and Communicate Risk for Better Decision Making

Tenable’s Bill Olson and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Jess Burn discuss ways you can leverage cyber risk intelligence to increase and drive better business outcomes. Preventing cyber attacks requires full visibility into all your assets and exposures, predictive threat context, and objective metrics for measuring and
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How to Outmatch Data Security Challenges with Cost-Effective, Practical Strategies


Today’s threat landscape requires businesses of all sizes to gain visibility and control over sensitive data in order to comply with a tangled web of security and privacy requirements. Addressing insider threats and defending intellectual property, customer data and other confidential information across hybrid and multi-cloud environments can overwhelm even the savviest of security and IT teams, especially when resources are scarce. However, data security defenses don’t have to be costly or overly complex to carry out.
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