Threat Hunting Reimagined

Threat hunting is a challenging, complex and time consuming exploratory activity. Threat hunters must explore, prioritize & investigate threats, gather data with context, connect disparate pieces of data, and conduct rapid and relevant analysis. Unfortunately today's tools get in the way and prevent the analyst from doing what they do best - hunt threats. Join our webinar and see firsthand how threat hunting teams can realize their full potential. With Devo, threat hunters can: Analyze real-time streaming and historical data at petabyte scale.
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Zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats have outstripped the capabilities of traditional security methods that rely exclusively on detection and blocking for protection. In fact, 100 percent of companies surveyed by Cisco, as part of our Annual Security Report, have connections to domains t


"Best Practices for Implementing Security Ratings"


"As mitigating third party risk becomes an essential business function across many industries, business relationships will be tested. Organizations must now subscribe to a “trust, but verify” philosophy to ensure their third parties are secure. To verify vendor security, organizations now use BitSight Security Ratings, which are gathered externally and don’t rely on any vendor input. Join Debbie Umbach, Director of Product Marketing at BitSight as she discusses the best practices for implementing vendor security ratings. Viewers will learn: - different approaches for incorporating BitSight Security Ratings into vendor risk management (VRM) programs, whether your program is just getting started or is well underway - how companies have used BitSight Security Ratings to notify key vendors of security incidents - how vendor ratings can allow for more effective communication and thus greater transparency"

Not All Flaws Are Created Equal: The Difference Between a Flaw, a Vulnerability and an Exploit


According to Gartner, the application layer contains 90% of all vulnerabilities. However, do security experts and developers know what’s happening underneath the application layer? Organizations are aware they cannot afford to let potential system flaws or weaknesses in applications be exploited, but knowing the distinctions between these weaknesses can make all the difference in removing them successfully. During this webinar, Jim Jastrzebski of CA Veracode will discuss how to identify risk factors within your application landscape and share his approach to helping security and development teams address them efficiently. Learn about the methods and solutions attackers typically rely on to perform application vulnerability discovery and compromise, and hear how organizations rely on application security technology and services to gain visibility into their overall landscape—and act upon it in the right way.

How to Remove Complexity as a Threat to Security


No doubt as a security leader you are constantly making decisions on what tools and solutions are needed to secure your elusive IT landscape. Complexity may be threatening your security posture as you react to secure your hybrid workloads. Join Leo Taddeo, CISO at Cyxtera and former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI’s New York Office alongside Jason Garbis and Ian Breeze of Cyxtera, as we address the mounting complexity security professionals face today. Access the webinar replay to hear recommendations for removing unnecessary complexity that threatens your cyber resiliency.

All Cybercrime is an Inside Job: A Cryptzone Webinar featuring Forrester Guest Analyst, John Kindervag

Guest speaker John Kindervag, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Cryptzone Vice President of Products Jason Garbis will discuss how Zero Trust networks protect against cybercrime from both inside and outside of your network. Zero Trust is transforming network security.You will discover:The two types of insiders that pose threats to your networks Lessons learned from a real world data breach Why network microsegmentation is critical to protecting against threats The core concepts of Zero Trust and how they can protect your extended enterprise A ready to adopt solution that leverages these concepts for secure access control.