"Threat Update: SYNful Knock - A Cisco Implant"

"SYNful Knock, once a theoretical cyber attack, is now a reality. This Cisco router implant was recently discovered in multiple organizations and several countries.

Based on research from Mandiant, a FireEye company, we believe this is just the first of many possible router implant techniques and expect similar attack methods to become more popular and sophisticated in the future.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the malware and its capabilities, as well as tools to detect the threat in your organization.

Join us to discover:
- How SYNful Knock works
- Why SYNful Knock is so difficult to detect, even when you suspect an implanted router
- How you can better detect and foil SYNful Knock
- What future variants of this attack might look like"
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Phishing and malware threats are skyrocketing. To combat these attacks, read this new Osterman Research white paper that gives you a list of high-priority actionable items, all related to IT security.


"DDOS Attack Classification and Protection Mechanisms"

"It is very hard to develop signature protection for every single DDOS attack or every single new DDOS probe. All complex DDOS attacks made us all feel like we are chasing our tail. However, the DDOS attacks are conducted using few defined attack vectors. The intent of this presentation and research is to present DDOS attacks classification (together with attack examples). The DDOS attack classification would enable development of protection mechanisms for each type (class) of DDOS attack. This new approach will enable organization to define DDOS attack protection mechanisms with accompanying incident management process which can be very successful. This presentation will define categories of DDOS system exhaustion attack vectors with well defined protection mechanisms for each category of DDOS attack."

Getting Started with Application Security


Application-layer attacks are growing much more rapidly than infrastructure attacks, yet many organisations remain hesitant to create an application security programme as they believe it will require excessive time and resources.Join our webinar to discover how any organisation, regardless of size or resources, can create an effective application security programme.

Security Analytics: Detecting Advanced Threats and Fraud

"Let’s face it, it’s no longer a matter of ‘If’ your organization will be breached, but ‘When’, and retailers are being targeted more than ever. The key question is ‘How can retailers detect and respond to breach attempts faster to minimize their impact and protect customer data?” In this presentation, David Pack, head of the LogRhythm Labs group at LogRhythm, the Security Intelligence Company, will discuss the current cyber threat landscape, the particular challenges it poses for retailers, and how security intelligence can be leveraged to protect today’s retail-specific IT environments. Attend this presentation if your organization is: • Ill-prepared to detect a breach when it happens. • Unable to define ‘normal’ behavior across the IT environment (e.g., POS, user, host, network activity). • Inundated by a deluge of low value security “events” and false positives. • Seeking to improve its security posture • Getting asked by senior management how to protect itself from being ‘Targeted’"

"Stopping Attacks Before They Stop Business"

"Privileged accounts have been leveraged in every recent breach, and are an area of focus for internal audit, external compliance regulations and cyber attack.(ISC)² and CyberArk presents a webinar focused on mitigating risk while meeting audit requirements and increasing operational efficiencies. We will be discussing best practices for a successful privileged account security program based on experience gained over hundreds of deployments, some immediately post breach."