ThreatSecure: Revolutionizing Advanced Threat Defense

"ThreatSecure is a revolutionary cybersecurity solution that will change how enterprises defend themselves against advanced threats.

ThreatSecure can enable your organization to:
· Detect malware others can't with industry leading behavioral analysis and machine learning algorithms that identify APTs, targeted attacks and Zero-days

· Automate threat remediation by deploying custom remediation packages to compromised systems regardless of what endpoint security you use

· Simplify threat protection by eliminating the noise of overwhelming alerts from disparate systems, enabling your team to quickly focus and respond to the biggest threats you face"
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As the number of security incidents increases and more and more world wide organizations are being compromised, it is required to stop and analyze what is wrong with the way we are developing applications. In this Webinar we will discuss the current affairs of Web application security and how we can


Preventing Cyberattacks in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have become highly targeted by cyber attackers as the value of stolen protected health information has become greater than the value of stolen credit cards. Join this webinar led by a former Information Security Lead at a large hospital network to understand the latest security trends that are impacting healthcare providers. Also learn about the specific use cases in which the Palo Alto Networks security platform can be used to stop cyberattacks in hospital and clinical IT environments

"Cloud Access Security Brokers: Real-World Use Cases"


"Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) are one of the hottest new security technologies on the market. Recommended by Gartner, they provide visibility and control in a new IT world now based in public cloud applications and corporate data being accessed by employee BYOD devices In this webinar, Rich Campagna, VP of Products and Marketing at Bitglass, will give you and overview of what a CASB is, who should deploy one, and how they secure the 4 keys areas that all enterprises should look to protect: The network, the cloud, the access and the device."

Leveraging Risk, Physical and Cyber Security and Continuity Planning

Generally, risks associated with continuity planning, from physical to cyber-security, are part of an ever-evolving threat to our systems and technologies. Continuity planning is simply the good business practice of ensuring the execution of essential functions through all circumstances, and it is a fundamental responsibility of public institutions and private entities responsible to their stakeholders. What are some of the risks associated with continuity planning? Why is managing risk important for continuity? What are some of the methods used to mitigate risks in continuity planning?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Deep Dark Web

"When people read about ""Tor and the deep web"" in the media, it's usually referring to the black markets selling illicit drugs, stolen credit card data, illegal weapons and more. However, increasingly Tor and other anonymous proxies are also being used to conceal threat vectors. This increasing use of Tor and similar technologies presents continuing challenges for IT security departments. Aside from the obvious attacks originating from the tor network, advanced malware is also using Tor to obfuscate C&C (command and control) channels, making it harder to detect, contain, and eradicate this malware in your environment. In this second part of our series on Tor and the deep web, we'll explore these issues and discuss strategies you can use to help mitigate the risks of such technology"