Through the Hacker’s Eyes: Detecting Attacks on Fully Patched Windows Machines


To successfully stop hackers, you need to understand them; how their minds work, what their goals are, and which techniques they use to break through your defenses. In this special edition of QRadar’s Under the Radar technical demo series, NA Security Architect and QRadar expert Jose Bravo will demonstrate first hand the sophisticated ways in which hackers today compromise Windows systems, even when they are fully patched and have antivirus deployments. He will then walk through how QRadar is able to detect these SIE technology-evading attacks, keeping your most vital data safe from unwanted eyes.
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Web application and API protection (WAAP) is the evolution of cloud web application firewall services that were designed to protect internet-facing web applications and web APIs (application program interfaces).


Your Code Isn’t Static Your Processes Shouldn’t be Either

The only thing constant is change, and change requires oversight and very possibly an overhaul of your processes to support any shifts. The open source world is not exempt. Net, your code isn't static so your processes shouldn't be either. What open source management processes should be in your team's eyeline? How does change im
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Wealth Wizards: Threat Detection with Amazon GuardDuty and Alert Logic

Alert Logic

As part of its broader Managed Threat Detection and Response offering, Alert Logic provides an AWS-native security service that shows why, where, and how to respond to Amazon GuardDuty findings, while continuously assessing AWS configurations to find exposures and recommend actions that prevent future compromises. In this webinar, you'll learn how Wealth Wizards, a financial services company, utilizes AWS services such as Amazon GuardDuty and leverages Alert Logic to gain additional security context, actionable remediation steps, and protection.
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Securing Microsoft Office 365 in the New Normal. Why Now?

With the widespread adoption of Office 365 and an increasingly mobile workforce, cloud security has become top of mind for most organisations. Traditional security solutions, like enabling MFA, are focused point-in-time assessments and offer limited efficacy since attackers can still hijack authenticated sessions to gain access. It’s time for a more modern approach to cloud security.
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Moving Beyond Blindspots: How to Reduce Security Risks in the Cloud

Understanding your complex cloud environment is tricky. Workloads, containers, and serverless functions are added and removed constantly. Vulnerabilities are endless. Security staff is in short supply. But here’s the reality: cloud security is built in incremental steps. And process improvement involves multiple stakeholders — not just security teams.
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