"Thwarting Advanced Threats with Trusted Crypto"

"The dangers posed by advanced targeted attacks are real. Enterprises have come up against the limitations of approaches such as intrusion detection and signature-based malware detection. One promising avenue to explore is trusted crypto, which can help ensure that an application, for example, is doing just what its developers intended and has not been tampered with. Things can be taken a step further with trusted execution environments.

In this webcast, John Grimm of Thales e-Security and John Pescatore of the SANS Institute will discuss the gaps in current best-practice defenses and the ways that trusted crypto and trusted execution environments can help fill those gaps."
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Webroot conducted research on web security in the U.S. and the UK. As remote users expand the security perimeter, the majority of companies reported significant effects in the form of increased help-desk time, reduced employee productivity and disruption of business activities. The impacts of web-bo


Cyber Security: The Achilles Heel of M&A Due Diligence

FireEye, Inc.

This webinar will discuss the benefits of conducting cyber security due diligence before merging with or acquiring an organization, and why cyber security is an important risk factor in M&A deals. M&A transactions present not only integration challenges, but also added security risks. Cyber criminal and espionage actors target M&A deals in search of privileged deal information they can use for criminal purposes or to monitor negotiations. Mandiant Consulting Services has developed a new Merger and Acquisition Risk Assessment Service to help buyers and sellers provide key decision makers with a clearer picture of the risk and the level of effort needed to ensure the deal is successful. We will provide an overview of the service, and how we address the growing cyber security challenges of fast-paced and confidential transactions. We will also explore a case study and the surprises that can occur post merger or acquisition.

All About the Thousands of 2014 Vulnerabilities - From Secunia Research

"Every year, Secunia Research releases a review of the global vulnerability landscape, based on their large vulnerability database and data from the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) user base. The data in this research provides security professionals around the world with perspective on the impact and evolution of the threat landscape and what has trended throughout the year. In this webinar, Secunia’s Director of Research and Security Kasper Lindgaard will discuss the data presented in the Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015 and answer questions."

Protect Privileged Accounts with SIEM

"Both insider and external threats will attempt to exploit highly privileged administrative accounts to perform unauthorized tasks that could lead to data theft or sabotage. In this session we will demonstrate how a SIEM can enable organizations to adopt best practices for managing privileged user activity such as: Least Privilege Separation of Duties Audit Privileged Sessions Forbid All Access Accounts Real Time Response to Suspicious Privilege Escalation"

"Cyber Warfare"

This Webinar discusses the history of cyber warfare, current trends, and what is coming in the near future.