To Protect and Secure: Selling Cybersecurity as a Service

A new year brings new threats, new exploits—and new MSP opportunities in cybersecurity. Understanding global technology trends and cyberthreats like ransomware can help you successfully deliver security as a service to your clients. Auvik AVP of product management Patrick Albert talks with Tayler Feigl, Channel Development Manager, APAC at Datto to discuss key findings in Datto’s annual State of the Channel Ransomware Report, the result of interviewing 100,000 small to mid-sized business (SMBs) around the globe. You’ll hear what your MSP peers are doing to prepare, protect, and recover against ransomware, and investigate how you can use these findings to sell cybersecurity as part of your managed services offering.
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Cyber Threat Hunting: Identify and Hunt Down Intruders

InfoSec Institute

Are you red team, blue team — or both? Get an inside look at the offensive and defensive sides of information security in our upcoming webinar series. Senior security researcher and InfoSec Instructor Jeremy Martin discusses what it takes to be modern-day threat hunter during this on-demand webinar, Cyber Threat Hunting: Identify and Hunt Down Intruders. The webinar covers: The job duties of a Cyber Threat Hunting professional.
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Your Network Needs to Be the First and Last Line in Your Cyber-Security Defense


Most people think firewalls when it comes to network security and defending against cyber-threats. But with today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-security threats, you need to think beyond firewalls to your entire network—from center to edge. In this webinar, we will take a look how network virtualization can extend your security from data center, to branch, to cloud, to edge. In this webinar, you will learn: The latest outlook on the growing cyber-security threats. How you can better protect your data center by focusing on your network.How to extend your network and security to branches and beyond with software-defined WAN.
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Moving Beyond Blindspots: How to Reduce Security Risks in the Cloud

Understanding your complex cloud environment is tricky. Workloads, containers, and serverless functions are added and removed constantly. Vulnerabilities are endless. Security staff is in short supply. But here’s the reality: cloud security is built in incremental steps. And process improvement involves multiple stakeholders — not just security teams.
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Securing CI/CD Pipelines Through Security Gates

CI/CD pipeline security has become a pressing issue for DevOps and DevSecOps teams. With today's frameworks and best practices, various security gates can be applied through the CICD process from writing the very first line of YAML in the CI, and later to the CD process.
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