Top 5 Reasons Hackers Want Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

While most organizations are realizing that they need to protect their employees’ mobile devices in order to protect confidential corporate data, some companies try to remain blissfully naive to the hacking opportunities smartphones and tablets present. Given the ever-growing use of mobile devices and the number of mobile cyberattacks, companies can no longer plead ignorance to these mobile threats.
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API-driven Revenue: The Developer Portal as your new sales executive

Discover the role of APIs in the digitalisation journey & how a developer portal can help you generate new business. How to win new customers through an API developer portal? Join this online event to explore the possibilities!
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OT & IoT Security Case Studies to Ensure Reliable Cyber Resilience

Uptime, disruption-free operations, and availability are important considerations for any OT and IoT security plan. Knowing the threats and ways to mitigate them is only half the battle. The other half involves aligning technology, assets, and knowledge base to secure the entire length and breadth of your business and its digital footprint.
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Knock, Knock! Who’s There. Finding Out Who’s Really on the Other End of that Password

As businesses settle into a hybrid world of on-prem, public cloud, private cloud infrastructure with security delivered as a service and all of this overlaid with the concept to Zero Trust, what is left? Companies will have the data they are trying to protect and the identity of the user trying to access something. As life on th
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The Business Impact of Cyber Risk

InfoSec Institute

KPMG reports 68% of CEOs believe a cyberattack is a matter of when — not if. How is your organization preparing to mitigate cyber risk in the new year? Join David Kruse, technology risk consultant, Justin Webb, CIPP-certified attorney and Jeff McCollum, crisis response and public relations professional for strategies to help you: Discuss cybersecurity at the board level.
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