Top 5 Reasons Hackers Want Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

While most organizations are realizing that they need to protect their employees’ mobile devices in order to protect confidential corporate data, some companies try to remain blissfully naive to the hacking opportunities smartphones and tablets present. Given the ever-growing use of mobile devices and the number of mobile cyberattacks, companies can no longer plead ignorance to these mobile threats.
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Social media and email phishing: How to protect financial information from fraudsters

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Email phishing remains a top security threat. Even smart and savvy people are fooled everyday by these malicious emails. They’re even harder to spot now that bad actors use information from social media to personalize their attacks against your customers and your business. In this webinar, Brian Wickenhauser, Mastercard’s Vice President of Security Events Management, will share examples of phishing attempts, how to spot them, ways to combat them and tips for improved safety – all important information to add to your security training programs.
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Computational Thinking and Skills: A Foundation for STEM and Cybersecurity Education


Success in multiple industry sectors or any of the hundreds of new tech-heavy jobs emerging in the modern economy requires a core competency: computational thinking and skills. Computational thinking and skills extend beyond computer programming to include a larger set of knowledge and skills broadly captured by a wide swath of STEM disciplines, including cybersecurity. This webinar will explain why acquiring computational thinking and skills are important for STEM-related careers and how to incorporate and assess computational thinking and skills as part of cybersecurity education and training programs.
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When it comes to securing information systems from breaches, the best medicine is a dose of prevention. In this complimentary webinar, panelists discuss top security threats and trends, business impacts, and the components of an effective, preventive cyber security program. The webinar addressed the following objectives: Evaluate top trends impacting information security. Describe how organizations can work smarter to enhance cybersecurity programs, despite resource and financial constraints. Evaluate effective cybersecurity measures and policies. Describe considerations and resources for educating employees.
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Key Insights Into Today's Risk Management Landscape


Today, cyber risk management affects organizations of all sizes across all industries. With data breaches on the rise and sensitive client information increasingly at risk, businesses need to elevate their existing risk management strategies to become more comprehensive. To proactively mitigate risk, organizations need to create a lasting risk management program that can scale with the growth of their business and sustain the changing risk landscape.
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