Top 5 Ways to Improve Protection from Advanced Threats

"In a recent IDG Research Survey, enterprise executives cited both the sophisticated threat environment and consolidation of security functions as top drivers for next generation firewall (NGFW) deployments.
Among other things, this webcast will discuss the top 5 ways organizations can improve their security posture in light of advanced threats. And we’ll share the 5 times faster next generation performance of Fortinet’s FortiGate next generation firewalls."
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It’s really quite simple: The more attack vectors that go unnoticed and the longer we allow attackers time to exploit our systems and infrastructure, the greater their chance for success. It’s on us to close that opportunity.


New Webinar Series Addresses Cybersecurity

Following the release of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework and a year-long effort by 100 cybersecurity professionals in the broadcast, cable, wireline, wireless and satellite industries to adapt the work to the telecom industry, companies are now poised to consider the best ways to evaluate or implement a cyber risk management program.To advance these efforts, U.S. Telecom is launching a three-part webinar series designed for policy and operational professionals responsible for protecting their networks and customers from cyber threats. The series, scheduled to run May 28, June 18 and July 23, represents an ongoing commitment by industry to enhance capabilities across the sector and broader ecosystem.The May 28 webinar, Telecom Cyber Frameworks, Policies and Business Processes, will examine the core of the NIST framework and how the risk management approach may be applied to an organization. Featured presenters include Jeff Goldthorp with the Federal Communications Commission and Adam Sedgewick from NIST. The June 18 presentation, Telecom Cyber Risk Management, Operational & Technology Requirements will be the first of two sessions focusing on the operational and technology requirements for implementing the framework, including mechanisms for continuous evaluation and improvement. It will also illustrate how companies can create profiles of their current and future risk management capabilities, and prioritize their risk management initiatives.

"Pulse Policy Secure - Intelligent Access Security"

pulse secure

"Every superhero needs an origin story...This is the story of Pulse Policy Secure, the most mature, flexible, and reliable solution for context-based access security that integrates with existing network infrastructure. From its humble beginnings as a policy engine for identity-enabled network segmentation, Pulse Policy Secure has evolved into today's feature-rich solution that enables visibility, compliance, BYOD, and a variety of other enterprise security use cases. Come join us for an overview of the power of Pulse Policy Secure!"

After WannaCry: Getting Ahead of Ransomware

Digital Guardian

WannaCry is undoubtedly one of the worst cyber disasters to strike global businesses in years, crippling transportation and hospitals globally. It is imperative for organizations of all types to be prepared to quickly address the growing threats of ransomware. Join Tim Bandos, our Senior Director of Cybersecurity and a former Incident Response and Threat Hunting leader of a Fortune 100 manufacturer, to learn how you can limit your company's exposure to future attacks.

Make 2015 More Secure: Lessons from 2014

"Will 2014 be remembered as the year of the mega-breach or will we all just try to forget the drumbeat of criminal hacks? In this webinar ESET Distinguished Researcher Aryeh Goretsky takes a positive approach and examines the lessons that can be learned from the year’s events in IT."