Tracking attackers. Why attribution matters and how to do it

Black Hills Information Security

In this BHIS webcast we cover some new techniques and tactics on how to track attackers via various honey tokens.  We cover how to track with Word Web Bugs in ADHD, and cover the awesome toolkit from Thinkst. We also cover some of the legal ramifications involved in do this. I am covering this for a couple of reasons. First, there are a lot of companies who are selling cyber deception in the form of honeypots, which is cool – but not near enough for attribution. Also, it is time to start gearing up for Black Hat.
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Learn how you can identify undocumented and unmanaged APIs in the Wallarm console with our new and improved Shadow API Detection capability:


Ask the experts: What’s the worst web application security issue?


We know. It’s an impossible question to answer. There’s no such thing as a “worst web application security issue,” because every app and every organization has its own unique set of issues. But if you’re a development organization with limited resources, how do you know where to start? Which issues appear over and over in data breaches, exploits, and top N lists such as the OWASP Top 10? We asked some experts—and Twitter—to give us their opinions.
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Maximizing Network Security with Microsegmentation to Minimize the Risk From Any Attacker

Lateral movement allows attackers to damage and steal information from an entire network once they gain access to one (usually the most vulnerable) entry point. Microsegmentation solves this problem by dividing a network into very small regions called microsegments, usually up to a segment per machine. However, if implemented incorrectly, it can be time-consuming, expensive, difficult to manage, and ineffective. Join Nicholas DiCola, VP of Customers at Zero Networks, and Aaron J. Goodwin, CISO at B. Riley Financial, as they share everything you need to know to effectively utilize microsegmentation for maximum network security and minimize the risk of attacks – including best practices, use cases, and the most easily deployable solutions to keep your organization safe.
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Answers To Hard Security Questions For Executives, By Executives

Knowing about cybersecurity risks is half the battle - get the hard facts from these executives who successfully met the challenge of the US Cyber Command. Hear from these cyber security former military leaders and see how they achieved answers to the hardest questions by the world’s most relied-upon forces.
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Threat Hunting—A Practical Demonstration


Today it is almost considered negligent to wait for an alert from IDS/IPS, firewalls, NAC, and endpoint security products before taking action. For years some of us who ha e been in the industry for a while have engaged in operations where we go out into the environment and actively look for threats to hand off to the IR team to eradicate. Enter the world of threat hunting. We will side step any product marketing and dig deep into what threat hunting actually is. The second half of this webinar will consist of demo of some technical threat hunting operations that anyone can practice sharpening their hunt skills.
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