Tracking attackers. Why attribution matters and how to do it

Black Hills Information Security

In this BHIS webcast we cover some new techniques and tactics on how to track attackers via various honey tokens.  We cover how to track with Word Web Bugs in ADHD, and cover the awesome toolkit from Thinkst. We also cover some of the legal ramifications involved in do this. I am covering this for a couple of reasons. First, there are a lot of companies who are selling cyber deception in the form of honeypots, which is cool – but not near enough for attribution. Also, it is time to start gearing up for Black Hat.
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Phishing remains a major security threat to businesses and their customers around the world—and the threat keeps rising. Compared to the first six months of 2013, the second six months of 2013 saw almost a 60% increase in global phishing attacks1, with businesses suffering estimated losses of over USD $5.9 billion in 2013.


Understand and Protect the Modern Attack Surface


Join Cylance® as we discuss effective methods of risk management across three main components of the modern attack surface – endpoints, applications, and users. Each component brings with it varying methods of attack and strategies for threat mitigation. In this webinar, Cylance will discuss best practices for minimizing and protecting these critical aspects of your attack surface.
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Focus on Open Source Compliance and Security During Legal TransactionsEnable Ginger

Data points to the fact that companies have difficulty managing third-party open source within their software code bases, leading to compliance, IP, and security risk. These risks are often amplified in legal transactions and can impact “go”/”no go” decisions if not addressed throughout the legal process. Join Leon Schwartz, Ass
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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity


Machine Learning in cybersecurity webinar presented by Sanja Nedic. THIS WEBINAR COVERED. Core concepts behind machine learning and main types of problems it can solve. Examples of real-world uses of machine learning in security to augment or replace rule-based or heuristic solutions to problems such as spam detection, intrusion detection, malware analysis, vulnerability prioritization, etc. Challenges of building reliable machine learning systems in security space.
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Overcoming Cloud & Security Challenges


74% of Healthcare organizations report leveraging the Cloud to achieve financial savings and operational efficiencies. However, recent findings show over 60% of these organizations are experiencing Cloud adoption challenges and Security anxiety. It is essential for Healthcare organizations to overcome these challenges as there is a much larger digital transformational trend ahead, where Cloud will become a crucial component of patient care innovation. Join Healthcare IT veterans from Microsoft & Synoptek, as they discuss the future of Cloud for Healthcare and best practices to help you overcome Cloud challenges and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency, security, and HIPAA compliance in the Cloud.
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