Transform Security and Risk Into a Business Function: A Panel Discussion

As organizations and governments race towards digital transformation, they expose themselves to a variety of risks that traditional information and cybersecurity practices are not accustomed to encountering. In the face of technology evolution, regulatory complexity, an increasing threat landscape and limited resources, will security and risk leaders be able to align to the ambitious goals set by their business leaders? In this unique complimentary live video discussion, 4 leading Gartner security & risk experts debate how the nature of risks are evolving and what you can do to transform security and risk into a business function.
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Mitigating DDoS Attacks and Malware Spread

Modern malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks have become a big issue for organizations of any size. Zero Trust strategies, in addition to application and DDoS protection, are a way to help deal with these issues. Most internet traffic is encrypted today, threat actors are using encryption to hide their attacks. Organizations must rely on TLS/SSL decryption and inspection to protect their users and networks. This is key to employing a strong Zero Trust strategy. We will explore these concepts in this research backed webinar.
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The Current State of Cybersecurity is a 24x7x365 Game

Alert Logic

The lack of awareness around cyber threats and the risk that these pose to an organisation is a worrying state of affairs. Data breaches, hacks and various cyber-attacks dominate the headlines on a regular basis. Unfortunately protecting an organisation against a cyber threat becomes impossible if you don’t know that the threat exists. So how do you protect your organisations against known and unknown threats? Security is constantly changing. To stay ahead of threats, you need to leverage software plus services to augment your security team and capabilities.
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Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals Webinar

ABS Advanced Solutions

With the recent increase in cyber-attacks on maritime ports and terminals worldwide, more focus is being placed on strategies to reduce cyber risk at maritime facilities. So what does a U.S. Coast Guard compliant cyber security Facility Security Plan (FSP) look like? In 30-minute On-Demand webinars, Captain Dave Nichols, USCG (ret.) Director, Business Development ABS Advanced Solutions ans Cris DeWitt Senior Technical Advisor ABS will provide an overview on maritime facilities with a particular focus on ISPS Regulated Facilities and how the various policies, guidance, and regulations are interconnected. Specific areas being discussed are what the expectations should be for ISPS Regulated Facilities and how proper Cyber Risk.
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2021 Cybersecurity Market Evolution

Watch Damon Acton (RVP of IoT/OT Cybersecurity) and Preetham Naik (Director of IoT/OT Cybersecurity) from our Americas team dissect some of the latest cyber exploit trends and upcoming legislation that is going to dramatically impact the landscape of IoT and OT cybersecurity. They’ll also break down some of focus areas as we move into the new year by educating to give a solid foundational understanding to improve cyber resilience for critical infrastructure providers.
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