Turning the Tables on Cryptojacking

It seems that criminal hackers are always a few steps ahead of everyone else and the recent onset of cryptojacking is a great example. In this webinar, independent information security consultant, professional speaker, and writer of Hacking For Dummies, Kevin Beaver, outlines what cryptomining and cryptojacking are and how they impact your business. He discusses strategies and tactics that you can use to ensure that your network and computer cycles are not used for someone else’s gains. From security policies and standards to endpoint controls to user training, this latest malware craze can be beaten but you must first understand it. Watch the replay and leave better prepared to address this threat.
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CIO on Data Privacy and Securing Sensitive Information Shared in the Cloud

Bank information security

As organizations are relying more and more on cloud collaboration tools to store and share sensitive customer data, security concerns abound. Failure to comply with regulation is not a risk worth taking, and the financial cost, time lost and reputation damage from even one data breach can jeopardize an entire company. After all, it is the people behind the files and sensitive data that you need to protect.
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Why You Need Artificial Intelligence for Email Security

The phishing threat has advanced. Stopping these threats requires a solution that’s built from the ground up using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The architecture of yesterday’s rules and signature-based solutions simply are not equipped to handle these threats. In fact, of today’s advanced phishing threats, 51% require AI/ML to identify and stop. AI is clearly essential for cybersecurity. But the type of AI matters.
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Prioritizing Active Directory Security to Disrupt Ransomware Attack

Attackers are targeting Active Directory in nearly every type of attack, especially ransomware attacks. Unfortunately, organizations struggle with where to begin to secure AD, as well as what should be emphasized. The end result is a weak AD security posture that is easily attacked and exploited by attackers. There is a solution to securing AD to disrupt attackers. By prioritizing the most exploited settings, the attack surface of AD can be dramatically reduced. This approach of securing AD gives every organization a clear starting and ending point to get through a first wave of securing their AD environment.
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From Zero to Immediate Impact with Foundational Endpoint Security

In the era of a highly mobile workforce, endpoints offer access to corporate resources from virtually anywhere in the world. While this helps offer flexibility to hybrid and remote workers, it also has made an attacker’s job that much easier.
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