"UBA Threat Models"

Varonis UBA threat models uncover security issues quickly, and give context around metadata and what’s actually happening on your file and email servers, SharePoint, and Active Directory.
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"Most of the cybersecurity industry focuses on attack prevention. While this is hugely important, every threat cannot be prevented, and if your company has been breached prevention is no longer of any value. When a cyber attack unfolds, you need to stop it, limit the damage, and restore no


"Intel Security & BufferZone host Forrester: Moving Beyond The Blacklist"

For years, most endpoint security strategies have revolved around endpoint anti-virus, but this approach is clearly unable to keep pace with modern threats. To mitigate their risks, IT organizations need to rethink their current endpoint security strategies and move past these reactive security technologies. In order to set organizations down the right path, we will present Forrester’s five design principles of an effective endpoint security strategy, helping security professionals to place attack surface reduction and tool integration as their central focus points within their own strategies. Ultimately, this will allow organizations to better deal with the influx of new device types and data access requirements while reducing the likelihood of data breaches.


McKonly & Asbury

This webinar entitled “Cybersecurity Frameworks and You: The Perfect Match,” was originally produced on Thursday, January 19, 2017. We hope that you enjoy the full recording of the presentation and additional resources offered below. This webinar was hosted by McKonly & Asbury Senior Manager, Sam BowerCraft and Principal, David Hammarberg. Information technology is a complex business, at best. While IT can provide amazing benefits, it still requires vigilance and diligence to ensure it is running correctly and that it is secure.

From the SOC to the BOD: The Board’s Role in Cyber Security

"As major breaches cause financial and reputational damage to businesses across all industries, there is a push for cyber security to become a board level issue. A recent survey from BDO International found 59% of board directors have become more involved in cyber security within the past twelve months. But how can board members unfamiliar with the ins and outs of network security effectively manage these risks? Join BitSight’s VP of Business Development, Jacob Olcott, Partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge, Bill Ide and the Executive Director of The Conference Board Governance Center, Donna Dabney for an online roundtable discussion on board involvement in cyber security. The panelists will discuss how both security leaders and board members should approach the communication and management of cyber risks in the enterprise. Attendees will also learn: - What cyber security metrics are most important for the board - Methods for security leaders to communicate cyber issues across the enterprise - How BitSight’s platform enables communication on security performance throughout the enterprise "

Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap Between Physical Security and IT / IoT

Dell EMC

On Monday, Dec. 11, as part of the SIA Webinar series, a webinar titled Cybersecurity: Bridging the Gap between Physical Security and IT/IoT covered best practices from edge to core hardening, bridging cyberprotection techniques, and technologies that help unify disparate technologies into a common cybersecurity framework. Speakers Vince Ricco (Axis Communications) and Ken Mills (Dell EMC) discussed how successful practitioners are hardening the physical security edge, enabling the authentication of devices systemwide and utilizing IT and IoT methodology to secure the enterprise.