Understanding and complying with RBI’s New Email Cybersecurity guidelines 2019


In this Value-packed webinar, where Mithi, with a decade+ of experience in meeting email compliance requirements for all of its BFSI customers, Shared key elements of the recently released. "Email security guidelines 2019, by RBI" For banks, email has become the primary form of communication with customers, partners and other banks, carrying critical, private information such as bank statements, transaction confirmations, notifications, answers to queries by customers, and more.
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Learn how you can identify undocumented and unmanaged APIs in the Wallarm console with our new and improved Shadow API Detection capability:


Top 10 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Trends in 2021

ImmuniWeb is organizing an invitation-only series of webinars for customers and partners. The webinar will fully cover our “Top 10 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Trends in 2021” predictions.
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Forrester-Led Webinar: Connecting the Relationship Between Threat Intelligence and Adversary


Join Forrester Analyst Rick Holland and ThreatConnect Chief Intelligence Officer Rich Barger for a webinar on understanding your adversary and the importance of proper threat intelligence analysis to proactively defend your organization
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Threat Hunting—A Practical Demonstration


Today it is almost considered negligent to wait for an alert from IDS/IPS, firewalls, NAC, and endpoint security products before taking action. For years some of us who ha e been in the industry for a while have engaged in operations where we go out into the environment and actively look for threats to hand off to the IR team to eradicate. Enter the world of threat hunting. We will side step any product marketing and dig deep into what threat hunting actually is. The second half of this webinar will consist of demo of some technical threat hunting operations that anyone can practice sharpening their hunt skills.
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Web Application Security Essentials

We know it’s a challenge to stay on top of your web application security with new vulnerabilities being introduced all the time by untrained developers. So what can be done? The most efficient way to reduce the attack surface is to educate your entire team on recognizing potential web security issues to avoid introducing vulnerabilities in the first place.
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