Understanding and complying with RBI’s New Email Cybersecurity guidelines 2019


In this Value-packed webinar, where Mithi, with a decade+ of experience in meeting email compliance requirements for all of its BFSI customers, Shared key elements of the recently released. "Email security guidelines 2019, by RBI" For banks, email has become the primary form of communication with customers, partners and other banks, carrying critical, private information such as bank statements, transaction confirmations, notifications, answers to queries by customers, and more.
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Web applications have historically been plagued by vulnerabilities which allow attackers to compromise the session of a logged-in user: XSS, CSRF, clickjacking and related issues. Luckily, new security mechanisms available in web browsers in 2019 offer exciting features which allow developers to protect their applications. In this talk, we'll introduce these features and explain how to most effectively use them.


Industry 4.0 and the ICS & OT Cybersecurity Challenges with Digital Transformation

Targeted industrial cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate, especially within the manufacturing sector, costing companies an average of $2M per breach, this doesn’t even consider brand damage, downtime, penalties, or potential lawsuits. On average hackers are moving silently in networks 6 months before they are found. Sound scary? Well yeah, it is! Don’t worry we’re here to help.
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Managing Cyber Security Risks

Ever wonder how businesses get exposed to cyber-attacks like ransomware, phishing, social engineering scams, and more? Is your organization vulnerable to these threats? If you are uncertain about the vulnerabilities in your business that could lead to a major loss in productivity, revenue… or worse… attend this webinar and learn how to identify risk factors and bolster your organization’s defenses.
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Trends in Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and data security remains a central issue, capturing the attention of consumers, regulators, and boards of directors. In this complimentary webinar, Mel Gates, Senior Legal Editor of Privacy and Data Security at Thomson Reuters, will cover: Data privacy compliance issues, with a special focus on the GDPR, Brexit, and the
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Workforce continuity and the Future of Work

For the past 30 years Citrix has helped organizations like yours embrace the ‘future of work.’ We know that the ‘future’ itself is a moving target and external forces can hamper business and the workforce. To minimize the risk of unforeseen events and foster enduring competitive advantage you will learn: What is business continu
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