Understanding the Attack Landscape - Your Best Defense in Today’s State of Cyber Security

As we reflect on the state of security this past year, it’s evident that cybercriminals continue to be successful with a trusted set of techniques proven effective against common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Attackers looking to make a buck prey on businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, by understanding what the attack landscape looks like, where the next attacks will be coming from, and what your attackers might be after, you can achieve top-strength security. Join this session to hear how attackers are infiltrating enterprise environments and how you can learn from them. We’ll dive into real case studies and provide actual code samples.
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Modernizing Cybersecurity with the Cloud

Every company is concerned about data breaches, and for good reason—according to industry estimates, approximately half of the companies in the U.S. have suffered a data breach. As organizations seek to better secure their environments, they are facing a number of challenges including growing data volumes and expanded attack surfaces, as well as data silos and the inability to enable data-driven decisions about security issues in real time. It is not surprising that security and privacy rank in the top three data-related priorities in TDWI surveys.
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5 Ways to Leverage Management Data to Improve Data Security

Data security is a constant challenge for most organizations. The average ransomware attack costs a company $5 million, and it takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify data breaches. However, only 25% of organizations today have a dedicated security department in IT (source: CSOOnline). View this on-demand webinar to learn 5 simple ways to leverage your existing management tools and data to improve your IT security, detecting breaches and compromised systems faster and more effectively without having to invest in new tools.
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How to Remove Complexity as a Threat to Security


No doubt as a security leader you are constantly making decisions on what tools and solutions are needed to secure your elusive IT landscape. Complexity may be threatening your security posture as you react to secure your hybrid workloads. Join Leo Taddeo, CISO at Cyxtera and former Special Agent in Charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI’s New York Office alongside Jason Garbis and Ian Breeze of Cyxtera, as we address the mounting complexity security professionals face today. Access the webinar replay to hear recommendations for removing unnecessary complexity that threatens your cyber resiliency.
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Leveraging Analytics for More Effective Security Performance


More than ever before, companies are investing heavily in their organization's security. But as the threat landscape changes, how do you know that these investments in security are paying off — and how can you determine that you are investing the appropriate amount of security spending in the areas that matter most to your organization? Security ratings and the analytics they provide give businesses a unique insight into their organization's security performance and posture in relation to their peer group.
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