"Unsharing your Data: What’s the Cloud Impact on your Business?"

In this webinar, we will show with concrete examples why it is so important to implement correct user and data security controls to secure your cloud and virtual environments. You will see how easily controls can be bypassed and compromised, why software keys are simply not good enough, and how your personal life threatens your business and work life. This presentation will stress the importance of using data and user centric security models vs. conventional data security practices. Join (ISC)² and Gemalto-Safenet in this webinar to learn what we call: unsharing your data
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This white paper explores the variety of challenges that arise when securing Industrial Control Protocol (ICP) networks in a power utility environment. It addresses the limitations of current solutions and proposes new technologies to deal with numerous vulnerabilities inherent in the communications


ISCN Panel: The Evolution of Advanced Threats

We're delighted to announce that the Information Security Careers Network (ISCN) Linkedin group is putting together a high-calibre discussion focused on the daily trials and tribulations of protecting an organisation from advanced threats

The 3 Most Important Aspects of Perimeter Security and Identity

"As application access from within the corporate network give way to more fragmented apps in the cloud, with access via mobile devices, your traditional security perimeter of firewall, VPN, and LAN requires a new model where identity protects beyond the security perimeter. Join David McNeely, Vice President of Strategy for Centrify and Koroush Saraf - Senior Director, Product Management at Fortinet for this live, interactive presentation and demonstration in which you'll learn how you can: • Centrally manage access to on-site and cloud apps • Secure and manage macs and mobile devices from AD • Provide single sign-on to all apps and devices • Secure access to enterprise wired and wireless networks • Leverage security policy tied to AD groups and roles "

Data Protection and Compliance: Where Encryption Applies

"Organizations of all sizes face a number of industry and regulatory compliance mandates. Whether its PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA or FISMA, these regulations are changing to accommodate the ever-growing threat to sensitive data. Join Dave Shackleford, IT security consultant and founder of Voodoo Security, as he breaks down these updated requirements and how to remain current while securing your business. Attend this webcast and learn: - Best practices for protecting data in today’s complex security landscape - Latest updates to compliance mandates pertaining to data encryption - What these updates mean to your security teams. "

Can a Certificate Improve Security?

"Security is a term commonly used in today's market place, but not all security is made equal. For many organizations, and for many vendors, security can mean many different things. Over the past few years a number of well-known brands and institutions have been breached despite having had a high level of assurance that their corporate security was more than good enough. So what's the answer? How can organizations prevent security breaches? Well while it may not be possible to completely prevent a breach, organizations can certainly make it difficult enough so that an attacker will go elsewhere. To that point, Public Key Infrastructure or PKI is an incredibly secure means of enhancing organizational security. Once considered by analysts as an obsolete technology, PKI is making a huge comeback, as we witness the huge rise in mobile workforces and the surge in IoT, PKI is a trusted solution proven over 20 years that can assure trust by assessing the authenticity of the multitude of devices that make up our interconnected world"