Vectra and Microsoft — A Powerful Combination for Integrated Cybersecurity

Vectra and Microsoft — A Powerful Combination
One of the biggest challenges security teams are faced with is doing more with less in conjunction with protecting the growing list of attack surfaces from being breached.
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Learn the Security and Privacy Best Practices to Manage the New California Privacy Regulations


Data security is moving to the top of the executive agenda, with companies paying more attention to what data they have, and how to protect it. Organizations are rolling out more access controls and upgrading their monitoring and assessment capabilities to best manage new regulations on the horizon. California’s passing of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CaCPA) on June 28 and adoption of a set of amendments to the law in September has proven to be a strong catalyst for a new focus on data security.
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When it comes to securing information systems from breaches, the best medicine is a dose of prevention. In this complimentary webinar, panelists discuss top security threats and trends, business impacts, and the components of an effective, preventive cyber security program. The webinar addressed the following objectives: Evaluate top trends impacting information security. Describe how organizations can work smarter to enhance cybersecurity programs, despite resource and financial constraints. Evaluate effective cybersecurity measures and policies. Describe considerations and resources for educating employees.
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Threat Management & OT Threat Response using MITRE

The growing threat landscape for operational technology (OT) networks, exemplified by a number of recent ransomware attacks, has prompted critical infrastructure organizations to better prepare themselves for impactful cyber incidents. To do this, stakeholders responsible for critical infrastructure and services are maturing their security operations centers (SOCs) and increasing their use of cyber threat intelligence (CTI). Many now consider adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to be their most valuable CTI tool.
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Trends in Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and data security remains a central issue, capturing the attention of consumers, regulators, and boards of directors. In this complimentary webinar, Mel Gates, Senior Legal Editor of Privacy and Data Security at Thomson Reuters, will cover: Data privacy compliance issues, with a special focus on the GDPR, Brexit, and the
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