Webinar: Enhance Email Security with Metascan and Policy Patrol

The latest update for Red Earth’s Policy Patrol Mail Security software includes tighter integration with Metascan and new integration with our cloud-based multi-scanning solution Metascan Online. Watch this webinar to learn how this combined solution enables administrators to quickly detect and protect against malicious email threats and other email borne malware.The webinar begins with a detailed summary of the combined solution, various use cases for administrators to leverage the integration, and a high-level overview of both Metascan and Red Earth’s Policy Patrol software. The webinar concludes with a live demonstration of the combined solution and links for further informational resources.
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"Keynote: Mobile Device Security - Providing security for consumers and verticals" by Cristiano Amon, EVP, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. & President, QCT


"The Growth of Advanced Attacks on EMEA Organisations. Is your Data at Risk?"


"In this webinar we will discuss the findings and also the potential implications this may have on organisations within EMEA. Motivated by numerous objectives, threat actors are evolving the level of sophistication to steal personal data and business strategies, gain a competitive advantage or degrade operational reliability. The webinar will draw on data gleaned from the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud. There will be information and insight around Advanced Threats at a country, vertical and government level."

Improving Cyber Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Providers


Cyber attacks waged on the grid and critical infrastructure companies are about the scariest we can all imagine. Yet, they are routinely happening. An attack that lands on its target have the potential to cause almost unfathomable societal disruption. Transportation systems could fail, essential public services could go offline, and that’s just the tip.

MSP Cybersecurity Tips: How to protect your customers while driving new business


"As an IT service provider, you manage small business' IT environments, as well as their data security. It's easy for a small business owner to think, “A cyber attack will never happen to me. When small businesses ignore security concerns, it can create even greater security concerns for their business. These vulnerabilities can result in data loss For managed service providers, it’s up to you to educate your customers on the importance of security measures and best practices for protecting their business from cyber threats. For managed service providers, it comes down to communicating with your customers and educating them about what to do and what not to do. Listen into their interactive panel discussion to learn: How to talk to your customers about cyber security Best practices for mitigating security threats How to avoid common cybersecurity mistakes How to stress the value in having an MSP advisor"

How to Implement User-based Controls for Cybersecurity

Next-Generation Firewall

Visibility and policy control based on users is critical for cybersecurity. User-based policies readily show their business relevance, are more secure, easier to manage, and allow better forensics. In this webinar you will: Learn the value of user-based controls using real-life data breach examples Discover a step-by-step approach for implementing User-IDTM on your Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.