When Prevention Fails...

"When prevention fails, your only hope is detection. Security defense plans are relying on detection and response knowing preventive defenses are declining in effectiveness. The balance between preventive and detective defenses is the big security shift for 2015, and knowing the process cycles, skills and technologies is vital for success. Detection and response is more than a point solution, learn the four phases for detection on your network in this webcast.

- Four detection phases for your network
- Integrating key technologies required for detection
- Processes to mine big data for actionable intelligence
- Detection skills sets, costs and resource requirements
- Analyzing all the data all the time, options for success"
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Password security is a problem impacting everybody, with weak passwords putting your business at great risk. Watch the video to see two of the most common methods hackers use to crack passwords in real life: hash cracking and brute forcing.


"A view from the CISO: Key Pressures and Trends Impacting their Role"


"Join Mike Smart, Security Strategist from Proofpoint and Martin Whitworth, Snr. Analyst at Forrester to hear some of what goes on behind the scenes in the office of the CISO. During this webinar they will discuss the most pressing issues that influence security strategy decisions and spending plans. "

"Forget About Minding the Gap, Close it Off Completely"

"Advanced Threat Protection is built on the principle of Prevention, Detection and Mitigation. However, if the different technologies within each of these areas operate independently, there will be gaps between the different elements, gaps that can and will be exploited during an attack. This session will focus the concept of bringing together all of the elements of Advanced Threat Protection to form a holistic, collaborative solution that encompasses all of the network. "

Hunting Today: Using existing technology to hunt cyber threats

The idea of a "hunt team" is becoming quite popular. Everyone building a hunt team wants the best and fastest data stores, visualization engines, and pre-canned data science algorithms to magically (and very quickly) find needles in haystacks. But let’s be honest, we can’t afford to get exactly what we want. And if we could afford it, what we exactly want doesn’t even exist for us to buy at this time. In this talk, we'll look at how you can use visualizations and basic statistics with your existing tools to catch more bad guys.

10 Things to Test Before Buying Your Next-Generation Firewall


How do you ensure that you buy the right next-generation firewall today to meet your organization’s networking, performance and security needs for the present and the future? The best approach is to test it before you buy it. Your next-generation firewall should enable more than just application and user based security policies. In this webinar, we will share the 10 capabilities to test before you buy your next-generation firewall, and the top 5 mistakes to avoid.