Whitehouse-driven Cyber Security Strategy and How it affects your Business

Whitehouse-driven Cyber Security Strategy
Join Presidio's very own Dan Lohrmann (author of Cyber Mayday and the Day After), and Andy Richter (author of Practical Deployment of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): Real-World Examples of AAA Deployment) as we discuss the new Whitehouse-driven cyber security strategy and how it affects your business.
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MDR, Not XDR or EDR: Untangling the Alphabet Soup of Cybersecurity

As we all know too well, 2020 and 2021 have been full of adaptations. While many employees adjust to working remotely, IT and security professionals everywhere must work overtime to secure and manage their company’s network core infrastructure.
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What Makes a Security Rating? Deep Dive Into Threat Data Feeds


Learn how threat data fits into security ratings. Cyber attacks and data breaches are a regular challenge for organizations and their cybersecurity practitioners today. The consequences for a company that falls victim to a hacking attack or other form of data breach can be significant, incurring both financial as well as reputational damage as a result. Measuring and determining the security posture of an organisation is essential to understand the liability and exposure to risk your business faces at any given moment, to reassure staff, shareholders, customers, insurers and suppliers.
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Extend your Attack Surface Coverage with No SIEM Required

Alert Logic

Attend this webinar to learn about new capabilities that Alert Logic has added that extends attack surface coverage for Endpoint, Multi-Cloud, and Dark Web. Get broader detection and response for less effort and lower cost with no SIEM required.
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Re-imagine Data Security at Zero Cost

Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM) EXPLORER - The new FREE tier of Fortanix's industry-leading Data Security Manager SaaS allows you to immediately use specific key management and tokenization use case solutions, including with public cloud providers AWS, Google, and Microsoft.
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