Why IT Security and Project Mgmt. Training Will Be Key in 2017

During this webcast, RedVector Senior Director of Product Management Bobby Person outlines the reasons why organizations must protect data and streamline projects, and provides training strategies to get started. Discover how your project managers, IT developers, software engineers and others can manage projects and resources to exceed expectations, mitigate network attacks and vulnerabilities, and earn important industry credentials and certifications using new project management training and IT infrastructure/security training.
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We are pleased to present the findings of The State of Mobile Application Insecurity sponsored by IBM. The purpose of this research is to understand how companies are reducing the risk of unsecured mobile apps in the workplace.


"The Importance of Achieving True Endpoint Visibility"


Learn why true endpoint visibility is so important and what blind spots you may have. We will also show you how Falcon Host provides you with true end-to-end visibility into endpoint activity on your network, allowing you to keep adversaries out of your environment. In this video, CrowdStrike Principal Security Architect Elia Zaitsev demonstrates how Falcon Host eliminates blind spots in your endpoint monitoring, providing you with the speed, scale, detail and context you need to secure your networks against even the most advanced attacks

Cybersecurity Collaboration: Leveraging a Trusted Partner

Your adversaries are people: creative, nimble and persistent. They can bypass conventional security deployments almost at will, breaching systems in a wide swatch of industries and geographies.Technology alone will not defeat a determined attacker. You need a strategic defense partner that combines the most advanced technology platform with the leading cyber security expertise and the latest global threat intelligence from around the world. FireEye as a Service (FaaS) does exactly this, and allows you to detect, prevent, analyze, and respond to security incidents in minutes rather than months.

Cryptolocker: Probing IT's New Worst Enemy


Cryptolocker and other ransomware have raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for the perpetrators, and the channel remains on the front lines of fighting this threat. In this webinar, Intronis and IT security expert Mike Davis, CTO of CounterTack, Inc. share a unique view inside this dangerous malware and best practices to protect your clients.

"Cloud Computing and the Digital Enterprise:Security Challenges and Opportunities"

"Digital transformation is leading organizations to adopt cloud, SDN, converged infrastructure and containers. This IT transformation has opened the door to new threats and cyber attacks. Security needs to be built into the fabric through a distributed system that enables visibility and control to ensure comprehensive protection of virtualized and cloud assets. Join this webinar to find out: - What are the top enterprise trends in data center transformation – regarding leveraging cloud, SDN, converged infrastructure and containers? - What are the current technology gaps in today’s security and visibility solutions? Why are they needed? - What is the business impact of these gaps? Learn how a distributed systems approach to data center visibility is the first step to greater security and the second is about control or the ability to take action. Hear about real-world customer use cases leveraging this approach that solve these challenging security issues."