Why IT Security and Project Mgmt. Training Will Be Key in 2017

During this webcast, RedVector Senior Director of Product Management Bobby Person outlines the reasons why organizations must protect data and streamline projects, and provides training strategies to get started. Discover how your project managers, IT developers, software engineers and others can manage projects and resources to exceed expectations, mitigate network attacks and vulnerabilities, and earn important industry credentials and certifications using new project management training and IT infrastructure/security training.
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2022 IT Trends and Cybersecurity Challenges – Part 1

With each new year’s planning, organizations must deal with both new and longstanding trends that have an impact on their cybersecurity profiles. This process is made even more difficult by an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape and a chronic cyber-skills shortage that impacts all organizations.
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Debunking 7 Myths About AI in Performance Management

Generative AI has taken the world of work by storm, and left many HR leaders wondering how to best apply it to HR processes — or if we even should. Considerations around privacy and bias are factoring into adoption of AI in performance management, and many business leaders simply don’t know how to determine whether it’s worth th
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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence to Battle Persistent Actors


Join Andy Pendergast, co-author of the Diamond Model and co-founder of ThreatConnect and Monzy Merza, Director of Cyber Research at Splunk to see how you can apply Threat Intelligence to protect your organization and prevent future breaches. During the talk, Andy will share threat intel on a nation state threat and Monzy will do a live demonstration of operationalizing the new Threat Intelligence.
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Controls are the Key to Cybersecurity Management Success

Controls are the critical foundation of an effective enterprise cybersecurity program. With more threats, more systems to protect, more tools to deploy and more people to manage, there is constant pressure to move faster and keep up with the ever-changing risk landscape. As a result, there is a need for the organization to have the proper controls in place to manage cybersecurity threats and risks across applications, systems, facilities and third parties.
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