Why Security Is a Team Sport

Channel Futures

Recently, U.S. Cert warned that global threat actors are actively targeting managed service providers. Clearly, MSPs are on the front line. We’re being asked to take on a more active security role than ever before. However, many MSPs lack the internal resources and skillsets to embrace a full-on managed security services practice. Fortunately, one of the great things about cybersecurity is the community. We have a strong team that builds on itself through shared resources and experiences. And now, as the threat landscape continues to evolve and add complexity, embracing the community aspect of security is critical for MSPs.
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Learn how you can identify undocumented and unmanaged APIs in the Wallarm console with our new and improved Shadow API Detection capability:


TW-NL Cyber Opportunity Webinar

In the era of globalization, as the international division of labor goes deeper, the industrial development shifts from “manufacturing economy to service economy” and “from hardware manufacturing to soft manufacturing.” The manufacturing industry aims to enhance its international competitiveness with the added value created by the service industry. As a major producer of global ICT products, Taiwan plays an important role in the security industry supply chain during the China-U.S. trade war. It is high time Taiwan develops “Internet of Things Security” and “Secure Internet of Things” with its complete semiconductor industry supply chain. To grasp this opportunity, Taiwanese manufacturers are striving to become not only product suppliers but also cyber security solution providers by taking advantage of the global cyber security research and development. By offering products with distinguishing cyber security functions to customers based on their needs, Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting to create higher added value.
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Security Holes In The Machine Learning Pipeline

Python is the second most popular language and is very easy to start using. It is almost a de-facto standard in machine learning. Here be dragons! Many machine learning (ML) models are Python pickle files under the hood. The use of pickling conserves memory, enables start-and-stop model training, and makes trained models portable (and, thereby, shareable).
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Managing Threat Detection and Response for Securing AWS

Alert Logic

Security tools alone are not enough as your AWS environment becomes more complex, and the need for comprehensive security – including people, process, and technology – becomes apparent. Cyber threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication, so where do you start when incorporating advanced threat detection and response capabilities into your security strategy? Start here with Ryan Holland, Senior Director, Technology Services Group at Alert Logic and Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Evangelist at AWS as they list the top considerations to better protect your AWS workloads and applications.
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Data Centers Are Migrating To the Cloud – Is Your OT Security Infrastructure Ready?

To lower costs and improve efficiencies, enterprises are moving some or all of their data and applications from on-prem to the public cloud, or even SaaS. And, as OT and IT convergence accelerates, OT teams are evaluating their options as they look to the future. Unfortunately, organizations often fail to ensure that their security infrastructure is ready before migrating.
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