Your Network Needs to Be the First and Last Line in Your Cyber-Security Defense

Most people think firewalls when it comes to network security and defending against cyber-threats. But with today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-security threats, you need to think beyond firewalls to your entire network—from center to edge.  In this webinar, we will take a look how network virtualization can extend your security from data center, to branch, to cloud, to edge. In this webinar, you will learn: The latest outlook on the growing cyber-security threats. How you can better protect your data center by focusing on your network.How to extend your network and security to branches and beyond with software-defined WAN.
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Accelerating Digitalization: Cyber Security

This second of TOC Digital’s ‘Accelerating Digitalization’ webinar series in association with maritime street, took place on 15th July 2020. Providing insights from an expert panel including Gadi Bensmonshe, CIO of Israel Port Company, Dr. Carmit Yadin, CEO & Co-Founder of Arcusteam, Roi Mit, Chief Marketing Officer of Regulus Cyber and Pascal Ollivier, President of maritime street, viewers learned the various implications to consider when formulating a comprehensive strategy to reduce immediate cyber threats, and what the overall picture looked like for the wider industry.
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Strengthening Industrial Cybersecurity with Internal Segmentation

This session shares recent changes in the ICS cyber threat landscape and introduces EdgeIPS™ Pro, developed by TXOne Networks to provide ICS network segmentation, trust lists, and virtual patch technology to make up the new cybersecurity foundations of your shop floor network.
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Cybersecurity Insurance

As a result, Cybersecurity Insurance providers are tightening their requirements and costs at renewal time. This is causing a perfect storm for many organizations. This on-demand webinar covers the new requirements we’re seeing. We also discuss options to utilize Microsoft technologies, which you may already own, to meet those requirements and help keep your organization safe through reduced risk.
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IoT Security and Artificial Intelligence for better industrial applications

Watch this 45-minute free webinar, and gain insights about IoT & Industrial IoT, Edge, and AI through a detailed analysis of each stage of the IoT device lifecycle.
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