Your Network Needs to Be the First and Last Line in Your Cyber-Security Defense

Most people think firewalls when it comes to network security and defending against cyber-threats. But with today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber-security threats, you need to think beyond firewalls to your entire network—from center to edge.  In this webinar, we will take a look how network virtualization can extend your security from data center, to branch, to cloud, to edge. In this webinar, you will learn: The latest outlook on the growing cyber-security threats. How you can better protect your data center by focusing on your network.How to extend your network and security to branches and beyond with software-defined WAN.
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Focus on Open Source Compliance and Security During Legal TransactionsEnable Ginger

Data points to the fact that companies have difficulty managing third-party open source within their software code bases, leading to compliance, IP, and security risk. These risks are often amplified in legal transactions and can impact “go”/”no go” decisions if not addressed throughout the legal process. Join Leon Schwartz, Ass
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Moving beyond passwords to delight and secure users

Passwords have been a constant throughout the internet era. As we’ve moved from desktops to smartphones, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud services, we’ve all relied on passwords to access and safeguard our data and resources across the applications we use on a daily basis. But in this new digital age where data breaches
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The Future of Adaptive Authentication in Financial Services


The number of cyberattacks on financial institutions (FIs) cannot be overstated. In the past year, there have been more than one billion cyberattacks on financial institutions. That is three hundred times more than any other industry, such as retail, insurance, or healthcare. At an average cost of $18 million dollars for each successful attack, what are you to do? How do you combat this aggressively growing threat? In this webinar, OneSpan and ISMG will summarize key findings from a recent study that surveyed the state of adaptive authentication from over 150 FIs and what techniques can be taken to mitigate the increasing rate of cyberthreats.
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Cloud security best practices for multi-cloud: Beyond native tools

As multi-cloud adoption accelerates, security teams are navigating the delta between each cloud provider’s native capabilities and comprehensive protection from bad actors.
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