International Conference on Cyber Security & Data Protection

International Conference on Cyber Security & Data Protection
After the success of last year's event, we are delighted to be returning in person for the 2023 edition of our International Conference on Cyber Security & Data Protection, taking place on 23 - 24 May 2023 in Amsterdam. Protecting your business' virtual footprint is more important than ever, with new cyber attacks being reported in the news almost every day. Business leaders are putting a greater focus on cyber risk management, making this a key part of their financial and operational plans. Over two days attendees will have the opportunity to hear from numerous global SAP customers, partners and the SAP experts themselves. We will be coming together to learn how our speakers are using SAP solutions to build robust security measures to identify, analyze, and neutralize cyberattacks in their applications as they happen and before serious damage occurs.



2023 Arkansas Cyber Summit

October 4-5, 2023 | USA

The Forge Cyber Summit is a groundbreaking event bringing together global leaders, innovators, and experts in the field of cybersecurity. With the goal of shaping the future of digital security, the summit provides a platform for insightful discussions, collaborative workshops, and cutting-edge presentations. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about emerging threats, advanced technologies, and best practices in protecting critical infrastructure, data, and privacy. Visit to explore the event schedule, esteemed speakers, and registration details for this unparalleled gathering of cyber visionaries.

Three Rivers Information Security Symposium

October 13, 2023 | USA

Pittsburgh area information technology and security organizations are working together to increase awareness, collaboration, and knowledge among the local information security community. Pittsburgh security groups and partners hosting the symposium include InfraGard Pittsburgh, ISSA, OWASP, RMU’s Top Secret Colonials, and others who also provide local support for this event. TRISS is a one-day multi-track information security symposium. This symposium separates the speakers and sponsorships to ensure all speakers have an equal chance of being selected. TRISS attracts titles such as CIO, CISO, CTO, Director of Information Security, Manager of IT, Security/Data/Network Analyst, Owner, and President from some of the largest companies in Pittsburgh such as U.S. Steel, PNC, PPG, Wesco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, UPMC, Dollar Bank, Bayer, Highmark, Giant Eagle, Federated, Mylan, and Wabtec.

CIO/CISO Vancouver Summit

December 7, 2023 | USA

The global pandemic has changed the way we all live and work and now more than ever the IT/security department has become crucial in keeping businesses growing and employees connected. One of the unexpected, positive, changes for CIOs, CISOs and senior tech executives has been the rapid shift in digital technology to ensure businesses can stay ahead of their competitors and discover new opportunities to drive business growth whilst lowering costs, as we attempt to get back to normality.

Digital Brand Protection Forum 2023

September 21-22, 2023 | Germany

As the online and technological world continues to evolve so online Brand Protection and digital risk are the new Fashion Trends. The Digital Brand Protection Forum 2023 gives an opportunity to all brand Owners and service providers who are dealing with Online Brand Protection, Anti-counterfeiting Monitoring, Authentication, Anti-Piracy, Brand Infringements, Brand Security, Fraud Protection, and Social Media Protection to come together for exchanging their ideas, challenges, and strategies to cope with Online Counterfeiters to protect the Brands Digitally in 2023.