Cigent Technology Introduces New Cybersecurity Solutions to Prevent Ransomware Attacks and Prevent Data Theft Even After a Security Breach

Cigent Technology | April 28, 2021

Cigent® Technology, an In-Q-Tel®-backed startup, today launched Cigent Data Defense, a game-changing solution that defends businesses and individuals against malware, data theft, and malicious insider attacks, putting an end to the cybersecurity industry's 30-year failure.

Cigent Data Defense technology makes use of Cigent's Windows®-based D3E® (Dynamic Data Defense EngineTM) software solution and Cigent's self-defending Safe Solid-State Drives (SSDs). Cigent Data Defense technology, which was originally designed for government/military use, is now available for private use by individuals, small-to-medium-sized businesses, large corporations, and government agencies.

Cigent Data Defense, which integrates D3E technologies with Cigent Secure SSDsTM, takes a different approach to data theft and ransomware protection than previous cybersecurity technology. Cigent's D3E for Windows is the first and only data protection software that uses file-level Zero-Trust access controls to defend sensitive files from any attack. D3E uses multi-factor authentication and encryption to protect confidential data anywhere they are shared or stored, even after a security breach. D3E can function as a stand-alone software solution or in combination with Cigent Secure SSDs.

The second half of the Cigent Data Defence solution consists of self-defending internal and external Secure SSDs from Cigent. Cigent Secure SSDs are the world's first and only storage devices that put cybersecurity safeguards as near to the data as practicable inside the device's firmware. This patented technique prevents data theft by keeping sensitive data unavailable and protected under the OS layer. It also protects against ransomware by incorporating machine learning algorithms into the storage that detect and repel unauthorized attempts to encrypt data. Cigent's Secure SSDs have "safe rooms" that use zero trust multi-factor authentication and hardware-based encryption to protect data at all times, right after the user logs in. When not in operation, they are invisible to an attacker and vanish from the OS layer when a threat is observed. When used together or separately, D3E applications and Cigent Secure SSDs have a layer of protection that is impossible to bypass.

About Cigent

Cigent is a cybersecurity firm backed by In-Q-Tel that was developed by data recovery, storage, and cyber threat specialists to protect companies and individuals from any threat vector, even after a security breach. Cigent Data Defense solves the cybersecurity industry's more than three decades of inability to combat ransomware, data theft, and insider theft by placing protection as near to the data as possible - within the firmware of storage devices - and adding Zero Trust multi-factor authentication that safeguards data at the edge, on the network, in the cloud, even when exchanged with trusted users. Cigent Data Defense is comprised of Cigent's D³E® (Dynamic Data Defense Engine™) Windows®-based software and Cigent's self-defending Secure Solid-State Drives (SSDs).


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Answer the Demand for Certified Professionals Prepping for an (ISC)² credential, like the CISSP, is a big commitment. Maybe you’ve started, but life got in the way of your goal… We get it. That’s why we created the (ISC)² Exam Action Plan to help keep you on track for success. Because we need talented, skilled people like you w