Vulcan Cyber Launches Remedy Cloud, providing thousands of vulnerability fixes with free access

prnewswire | November 04, 2020

Vulcan Cyber, the weakness remediation organization, today declared Vulcan Remedy Cloud, a free assistance based on the world's biggest information base of curated solutions for a huge number of security weaknesses. By sharing the Remedy Cloud library of fixes with the worldwide weakness the board network, Vulcan Cyber gives an amazing asset that smoothes out crafted by remediation by helping security and IT groups all the more viably organize remediation crusades.

In related news, Vulcan Cyber today reported Vulcan remediation examination, which adds ground-breaking business insight abilities to its remediation arrangement stage.

"Vulnerability management should be a means to an end, but due to process breakdowns there's never an end -- just a growing backlog of vulnerabilities that require remediation," says Yaniv Bar-Dayan, Vulcan Cyber co-founder and CEO. "We've identified a critical breakdown in the process when security teams hand off vulnerability remediation tasks to IT operations teams. Vulcan Remedy Cloud streamlines this workflow by providing both teams with remediation playbooks. This one function is extraordinarily effective at creating cross-team alignment and cooperation. We're proud to offer Remedy Cloud as a free service to our community to help enterprise organizations get fix done."

Cure Cloud is an independent, free form of the Vulcan remediation knowledge abilities previously offered through the Vulcan remediation coordination stage. This remediation knowledge is the missing connection for any "found-to-fixed" remediation work process. Vulcan cures incorporate the correct patches, the best design contents, and even workarounds and repaying controls to support security and IT tasks groups rapidly tackle the most troublesome weaknesses. Vulcan remediation knowledge adds endeavor scale remediation arrangements intended to encourage more synergistic and productive remediation by coordinating cures with weakness filter, prioritization, fix and design the executives instruments.

Security groups frequently distinguish and organize weaknesses yet the genuine work of remediation is finished by IT tasks, DevOps, and site dependability designing groups. Cure Cloud enables these groups to distinguish and adjust on the most ideally equipped solutions for the work, sparing time and exertion. This Vulcan Cyber freemium offering is important for a more extensive activity to help weakness the board programs become more compelling at driving remediation results. With Remedy Cloud, Vulcan Cyber opens a significant asset to whole infosec and IT people group to advance a "complete fix" outlook.

Vulcan Cyber is assisting with quickening the business' move from uninvolved weakness the board to dynamic weakness remediation and robotized digital cleanliness.

About Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Cyber has developed the industry's first vulnerability remediation orchestration platform, built to help cybersecurity and IT operations teams to collaborate and "get fix done." The Vulcan platform orchestrates the remediation lifecycle from found to fix by prioritizing vulnerabilities, curating and delivering the best remedies, and automating processes and fixes through the last mile of remediation. Vulcan transforms vulnerability management from find to fix by making it possible to remediate vulnerabilities at scale. The unique capability of the Vulcan Cyber platform has garnered Vulcan Cyber recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor and as a 2020 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist.


The year of 2022 presented both new and evolving trends. We primarily recognized significant activity in five main areas – Russia’s war in Ukraine and its underground implications, the continued popularity and evolution of ransomware, the rise and endurance of initial access brokers (IABs), developments in the malware threat lan

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The year of 2022 presented both new and evolving trends. We primarily recognized significant activity in five main areas – Russia’s war in Ukraine and its underground implications, the continued popularity and evolution of ransomware, the rise and endurance of initial access brokers (IABs), developments in the malware threat lan