XM Cyber Acquires Cyber Observer

XM Cyber | June 28, 2022

XM Cyber
XM Cyber, a hybrid cloud security provider, announced the acquisition of Cyber Observer, a pioneer in Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). This is XM Cyber's latest growth milestone in a year in which the organization has considerably increased its lead position in the cybersecurity market.

Companies are changing faster than ever before, owing to growing regulation, competition, and consumer expectations. Traditional risk management techniques are no longer cost-effective and are incapable of providing the coverage or speed necessary in a dynamic digital environment. By incorporating XM Cyber's market-leading attack path management with Cyber Observer's continuous control monitoring, security teams will be able to see both their cyber exposures as well as how their existing security controls and identification and response tools can react to these threats at any given time, accurately representing the true risk to the business.

The Cyber Observer platform will be incorporated into XM Cyber's, providing a unified, continuous picture of the vulnerabilities and exposures that put vital assets at risk, as well as the security control gaps that fail to prevent assaults. It will also automate compliance validation and reporting for important standards such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, SWIFT, and PCI.

"Even as awareness of cybersecurity risk continues to grow, attackers are thriving and routinely exploiting attack paths that can be used to move laterally through an enterprise network. Our goal is to give security teams the ability to easily understand and correct their security posture on a continuous basis, including weaknesses, exposures and compensating security controls across the full internal and external attack surface covering on-prem, cloud and SaaS systems. This acquisition is not an isolated event, but just the latest step in our strategy to provide the most comprehensive and proactive security posture management platform on the market."

Noam Erez, co-founder and CEO, XM Cyber

Schwarz Group is the world's fourth largest retailer and a major player in cloud computing. With the establishment of a European cloud, the corporation has expanded fast in the digital area in recent years. Schwarz bought XM Cyber as its cyber branch in November 2021. Since then, XM Cyber has expanded its product offering, increased its worldwide staff, and enlarged its customer base. Schwarz's strong financial stability and wide digital vision are a driving force for development and innovation.

"Cyber Observer's patented continuous control monitoring capabilities are a perfect complement to XM Cyber's award-winning hybrid cloud security platform. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the XM Cyber team to deliver the first end-to-end continuous cyber security posture management solution supporting both cloud and on-premises coverage," said Shimon Becker, co-founder and CEO, Cyber Observer.


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Secure access to your APIs by applying the API Key Authentication and CORS policies in API Connectivity Manager. API owners can configure the policy using the user interface or Admin API. Now API consumers can generate app credentials and test APIs using the developer portal.