On Demand
Utilizing Data to Eradicate Threats
With Splunk & Zscaler


Modern zero trust requires the right architecture, analytics, dynamic policy, and risk visibility in order to reduce the attack surface, prevent lateral movement, and make real-time threat determinations with each transaction.

Zscaler and Splunk tightly integrate best-of-breed cloud security and security analytics platforms to deliver a superior cloud-native Zero Trust experience for the modern, cloud-first enterprise.

Join Zscaler's Ward Holloway (Director Technology Alliances), and Splunk's Dan Christiansen (Staff Security Strategist) for the Utilizing Data to Eradicate Threats webinar to learn how Zscaler and Splunk are being used together to:

  • Reduce complexity: Simplify deployment and management of security services to allow your SecOps teams to focus on threats, not administration.
  • Reduce risk: Greater visibility and control across teams and security tools to understand risk, accelerate threat response, and close the traditional security gaps between product silos.
  • Increase productivity: Low-latency connections ensure end user compliance without sacrificing security.

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