Foreseeti, Europe’s leading provider of Cyber Threat Modelling and Risk Management, is a Swedish technology company headquartered in Stockholm. foreseeti’s flagship product, securiCAD, empowers IT decision makers to make proactive and data-driven decisions in cybersecurity. The holistic approach combined with proactive risk management is novel and provides a unique opportunity to take control of your IT-architecture. Our solutions are used by multinational companies in the banking and energy sectors, and our clients value our practical, hands-on approach.


The Hoop is billed as being simpler than competing products, but the setup process seems about the same. Once you take it out of the box, you pair it with the Hoop app (available for Android and iOS) and enter your Wi-Fi network credentials. Once set up, you can pair an unlimited amount of additional Hoop cameras to your account, as well as grant permission for certain cameras to family and friends. There are additional settings as well, from movement alerts to telling the difference between hum...

BullGuard, the consumer security company that recently acquired IoT security pioneer Dojo Labs, will unveil Dojo by BullGuard at CES 2017 next week as cybersecurity products are set to dominate the conference. Dojo by BullGuard is the only integrated smart home IoT security solution that seamlessly protects the privacy and security of a consumer’s data, devices, home and family by monitoring the home network 24/7 against cyber threats. Dojo discovers devices connected to the home network, ...

The Russia-linked threat group known as Turla has continued to make improvements to its Carbon second-stage backdoor, with new versions released on a regular basis, ESET reported on Thursday. Turla has been active since at least 2007 and is believed to be responsible for several high-profile attacks, including the ones aimed at Swiss defense firm RUAG and the U.S. Central Command. The group is also known as Waterbug, KRYPTON and Venomous Bear, and some of its primary tools are tracked as Turla (...

The following is an excerpt from Information Security Science by author Carl Young and published by Syngress. This section from chapter 1 explores information security risks....

Diversity in defence teams is key to improved cyber security, according to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). To combat the cyber security threat, “we need to be the very best in the world at what we do,” said Nicola Hudson, NCSC director of communications. “We need to approach and do things differently, using maths, behavioural sciences, linguistics, psychology, law, computer and sciences,” she told the opening session of CyberUK 2018 conference in Man...

While digital transformation, cloud adoption, and the Internet of Things, emerged as among the top IT activities in 2016, it was cybersecurity that hogged the headlines: USS$81 million stolen from a Bangladesh bank; 500 million Yahoo! accounts swiped; and a DDoS attack that brought down much of the internet. In 2016 we also saw driverless cars, blockchain, and many more.  No matter the size or business vertical, companies large and small placed their bets on the potential of technology to f...


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