INGRESSIVE was acquired in 2015 by IOMAXIS as an autonomous division providing a full-spectrum Threat Assessment capability to support their commercial customers. With over 60 years of collective experience conducting Red Team operations, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments and Compliance audits, INGRESSIVE uses proven, repeatable methodologies and technologies to proactively address our clients’ most complex cybersecurity concerns. INGRESSIVE offers tailored, fully-scalable services and solutions that allow clients of all sizes to take advantage of the same robust security programs one would only expect at the largest of organizations.


Enterprises need a centralized approach when considering a hybrid cloud security architecture, an analyst says. Plus, is user experience management an IT responsibility? Cloud security isn't for the squeamish. Protecting cloud-based workloads and designing a hybrid cloud security architecture has become a more difficult challenge than first envisioned, said Jon Oltsik, an analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group in Milford, Mass. "The goal was simple," he said. Enterprises wanted the s...

The policy, which was approved by cabinet in 2016, is a road map on what should be done to ensure that the country’s cyberspace is secure. The policy also talks about issues within the cybercrime law enforcement area which currently is difficult for the law enforcement to implement because of the lack of capacity and necessary tools.It has, therefore, outlined areas such as building the capacities of law enforcement bodies, as well as the legal fraternity such as the Attorney-General, judg...

Cyber-attacks, information warfare, fake news - exactly 10 years ago Estonia was one of the first countries to come under attack from this modern form of hybrid warfare. It is an event that still shapes the country today. Head bowed, one fist clenched and wearing a World War Two Red Army uniform, the Bronze Soldier stands solemnly in a quiet corner of a cemetery on the edge of the Estonian capital Tallinn...

DELHI: With the government steadily pushing the economy to go more cashless and adopt a variety of online transactions through a plethora of mobile and internet solutions, the security implications of transacting online have begun to be raised.On Friday, the government moved to make sure that security is beefed up in the online ecosystem by instructing digital payment service providers and e-commerce majors to enhance their cyber security systems....

Cloud computing and its potential to offer powerful computing and data storage options to even bootstrapped small businesses at highly competitive prices have generated plenty of excitement in the industry. So much so, however, that critical questions regarding the security of the data stored “in the cloud” are often overlooked by its most enthusiastic adopters....

A new botnet consisting of more than 15,000 compromised servers has been used to mine various cryptocurrencies, earning its master around $25,000 per month.Mining cryptocurrencies can be a costly investment, as it requires an enormous amount of computing power, but cybercriminals have found an easy money-making solution....


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