July 10-10, 2018
LONDON, UK (United Kingdom)
The UK’s digital economy is thriving: tech companies have created 3.5 million new jobs in the UK and four out of five people in the bought something online in the past year - a higher figure than in any other country. Citizens, business and academia all derive huge benefits from the connectivity of the digital world. However, the threat of cyber-crime is an ever-evolving issue that is increasing in severity every day. This was seen markedly with the Wannacry ransomware attack, Equifax data breach, and other recent incidents, which highlighted the need for all organizations to take action on cyber security and protect personal data. It is essential that organizations of all sizes and across the sectors, improve the UK’s ability to defend against modern cyber threats. Join us at Cyber Security Future Summit 2018 and discuss and debate how we can draw on strong partnerships across government, industry, civil society and the academic world to help secure our future from cyber-attacks.